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  1. Place Style Sentences

    Do you mean using L1,L2 etc instead of the field labels in the Place Style output sentence? Joan
  2. Place Style Sentences

    That's where I did all the corrections as well as changing the Place Styles but the Labels in the tag entry screens are not in the order of the Place Style Output Sentence as I had expected. Joan
  3. Place Style Sentences

    That's what I thought from the instructions for changing the Place Style. I have changed the majority of the tags as I was making the hundreds of correction The rest I'll change as I come across them. Duh, I just realized what the problem is - changing the Place Style doesn't affect any previous entries!!! So, is there a way of changing these previous ones? I totally forgot about that aspect...... Joan
  4. Brick Wall markers

    Cynical DeAnna??? Naw, just factual. I mean, I have a 4g-gf who was dropped by aliens on the bank of the St. Lawrence River in 1785 and is well-documented since that point but prior to???? Even his poor wife is simply mentioned in his 1802 will as 'my wife'......<sigh>. Thanks so much for a great sentence that I'm sorry to say I need on at least 3 lines......... Joan
  5. Land Grant Tag

    This tag is primarily for Loyalist land grants in Ontario (which was Canada/Upper Canada/Canada West/Ontario depending on the time frame) and will have a single principal - the recipient. The process involves (usually) the filing of a petition, issuing of a warrant then issuing of a patent. The patent could involve a separate tag but I haven't set it up that way at present. I have not yet structured a sentence Joan
  6. Land Grant Tag

    This is really helpful Teresa, particularly for those who haven't yet printed out any reports so don't know exactly what they would get<g>. Many of us (I'm bad for this myself<g>) spend all our time researching & entering data before ever producing anything beyond a FGS or Ind. Narrative or maybe a Desc Indented so the entire power of custom tags, roles & sentences is not realized. I'm trying to learn about this myself so I can pass it along to our TMG User Group. Joan
  7. Power Of Attorney

    I suspected that was your reason - I was taught the same thing in school<g>. I too see no reason why we can't get a well written narrative straight from the program given the wonderful tools within it. With that in mind, be sure to read the posting by 'Bill' re the Children Sentence in TMG6 forum - I'm thinking we need to have that message in this forum..... Joan
  8. Power Of Attorney

    Do you always start with CR & TAB? Joan
  9. Land Grant Tag

    The process is quite similar except no survey during the process - it was surveyed prior to the granting of the land but the legal description was part of the warrant/grant, often simply stating the lot and concession and the township, e.g. RT (Royal Township) #3 or #5 and repeated when the patent was issued once the requirements were met. Thanks so much - I'll have a go with a couple tomorrow and post the results - now, here's a question - if I simply copy & paste what a report on this event would say, I guess I could put that in here? So that others could see the end result & how a sentence actually reads when printed? Joan
  10. Power Of Attorney

    This is exactly why your idea is such a good one! I never even thought of using a tag for this! I do have a perfect situation for it and, strangely enough ties right into my Land Grant tag as my 3g-gf was given a POA by his brother to get the patent for his Loyalist land grant after he'd proved land as required..... Thanks very much 8-) Joan
  11. Bill, what an intelligent suggestion this is!!! I must add my voice to your request and commend you for time and thought you've put into it. I'm going to keep a copy of your sentence variations with the assumption that sooner or later we'll be able to use them<g> Thanks so much for picking up on this! Joan
  12. Wishlist - Source Merge

    At the very least, it would be most helpful if the CDs could be seen during the merge process. Then one could decide to keep both or which of the 2 should be kept...... Thanks to Phil for suggesting it be posted here as it is something that most of us will encounter sooner or later. Joan
  13. Training Bundles

    I definitely agree! I purchased the original VHS tapes which I've since replaced with the DVDs and have run seminars using them and now our TMG User Group reviews them regularly. The amazing thing I find is that, though I've probably seen the Beginners one nearly 20 times, I still pick up something that I either missed or hadn't yet tried every time I watch these tutorials! I always remember Bob's explanation of sources and how it changed my entire recording of my Master Sources, making it so much simpler. It has also helped literally dozens of others in our genealogical community whether they were TMG users or not in understanding how to record their sources. IMHO, you cannot make a better investment than the tutorials and the GTMOOTMG book. Joan
  14. Even better, is there any possibility of a Linux version of TMG? Has anyone used TMG with WINE or Crossover Office successfully? I gather it would be fine with VM Ware..... Joan
  15. Stillborn entry

    If the child's birth and death were registered, I would enter the child in the normal way. If that was not the case and if the child wasn't named, you could enter the child as (e.g.) Baby Male Smith with the date of birth & death if known with a notation in the memo of both birth & death that the child was stillborn. This is the way I would handle it. Joan
  16. TMG and Ancestory.com

    Never mind why, I'm interested in how? Where do you find the ability to save a gedcom of the census info? That being said, I must admit to wondering why also......I save the image & simply do the entry from that then check with the 'report' to see if my transcription agrees with it, particularly if I've had some problems with the handwriting. Joan
  17. This was originally in reply to 'Research Log - Wish List', however as I received no reply, I'm reposting for a response. When I set this to print, the options appeared to include the names but they didn't attach with the entries nor did the ID #s. Did I miss something? Joan
  18. Research Log Question

    Well, after working my way through several pages & looking up to see who the task belonged to, I suddenly started finding some names on the printout. After comparing those with and those without names, I realized that if I indicated that the task was connected to an event, it doesn't show the person's name even though the event is 'theirs' Fortunately, it looks like the majority are shown as 'Person' thus showing the name so I'll go through & change all to 'Person' even if the task is actually related to an event in that person's life<sigh>. This will definitely go on my wish list for the future - even though attached to an event, should still show person to whom event is connected. Joan
  19. Help! Haven't been able to do any data entry since I updated so decided tonight was the time. Clicked on 'Add Person' icon, entire menu bar & tool bar greys out including the 'x' to close program - 3 finger salute did the trick. So, back into program, did optimize & validate - no errors, tried again, this time with the 'Add', 'Add a Person' menu bar access - same result. Redid the Maintenance process and tried both again, same results each time. I did a search in the forum as I recall this happening with a previous update some time ago - might even have been TMG5 now that I think about it......any ideas/suggestions gratefully received! Joan
  20. Odd Problem with v6.12

    Gotta love computers! Opened up the program to try your suggestion, clicked on 'Add a Person', up pops the box!!! Obviously, this was the problem last night (box was behind) however, it seems to have corrected itself<sigh> Anyway, thanks for the speedy response and, having the right answer Joan
  21. Thanks Neil - I'll be sure to pass these along to our TMGUG. Joan
  22. WISHLIST-Research log

    Ideas look good and would certainly be useful. However, even more important to me is if printing out the Research Log would include the name of the person to whom the items are attached!!!! I use my Research Log as a 'holding file' for info found online and/or that I've recorded in GedStar at various repositories then copy/paste into the Log while checking for duplication, correctness and/or need for custom tags, etc. In many instances in earlier times I neglected to note when completed and remove it. To go through all the entries to check whether I've actually entered the info, I printed out a 130-page list only to find, to my horror, that it hasn't printed the names......I'm now having to go through my entire database to check who these entries belong to! Ugh, what a job, especially as once I write in the associated names, I then have to go back again to the individual's & go through the info for that person to find out if all is entered..... Joan
  23. Neil: I wonder if you could share with us the issues you thought unsolvable? As I'm sure you've discovered, never are you the only one to have 'unsolvable' issues As a TMG User Group Leader, these are exactly the types of things I like to share with the group. Joan
  24. Size of backup files?

    Any chance that you have exhibits on the one machine that aren't on or aren't linked on the other? I had that happen between my desktop & laptop before I finally figured out the problem...... Joan
  25. Searching Tag Types

    Victor's problem is a little reminiscent of one I've run across again after updating - some - not all which is odd in itself - of my 'Mother-Bio' tags seem to get stripped. Their names still appear as Mother, however there's no tag associated with them. The way I pick it up is either the relationship tag suddenly shows them as 'no relation' to me or, should I try a report or chart, they don't appear as 'Mother'. This is the second instance of this problem though I can't recall which update caused it the last time - I don't even recall if it was version 5 or 6....... I haven't yet figured out how to run a list with a filter that would find them all so it's a tedious 'as I find them' correction. In a database of 40,000 plus, it's frustrating to say the least Joan