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  1. My new favorite layout

    Guess I'd better set up my second monitor Meanwhile, this has been a real education reading all the postings in this thread. Theresa, when are you going to do a video tutorial for setting up a custom toolbar? I've got a TMG User Group set up as a subgroup of our Computer User Group's Genealogy SIG and it would be a wonderful tutorial to have for that! Of course, I wouldn't mind it for myself either I'm not attaching a shot of my layout as I've got some ideas I need to try first then I'll post my updated one thanks to various ideas you've all given me. Thanks for sharing all the neat setups! Joan
  2. OK Tom, I want to know how you get a machete into a state archive, library, gen or historical society????? One thing I've changed over the years - I no longer take my notebook computer with me, rather I use my Palm which has my entire TMG database in it, plus I have a folding keyboard with it so type notes etc right into it. I can download any digital images I take with my camera into the Palm & I have spare memory cards for both it & my camera plus I always have at least 2 flash drives with me but the Palm can also be used as one using the USB connection. If I'm travelling away from home, I have my notebook computer but don't take it to whatever repository I'm visiting, rather download from my Palm each evening & make a CD or DVD copy as well. I also use an APG mechanical pencil (I have 2) along with a package of extra leads. I can fit the pencils, leads & a pair of white cotton gloves in the case for my Palm keyboard & I carry this case plus the Palm in my purse at all times. When at a repository, I simply take them out of the purse, lock the purse in the locker & carry the Palm, keyboard & usually a file folder or clipboard &, if permitted, my digital camera & tripod (small one). Fortunately, most of my research is in a climate zone that doesn't require all the bug spray hmmm, guess I'd best not be too smug or we'll get a sudden infestation of some sort of bugs.......we do have the odd mosquito and during the day in late summer/early fall, if there's food around, we'll be inundated with wasps, known as 'yellow jackets'. Otherwise, we're very fortunate not to have black flies & other like pests. I agree with carrying all sorts of 'just in case' items in the vehicle - I carry a camp bed & sleeping bag all the time as I live a ways out of town and travel back and forth often at night by myself so if the road becomes a problem (flooding, trees blown down, etc.) I have some options, including my boots in case I need to walk any distance & an umbrella (I'm on the 'Wet Coast of British Columbia' so it gets used fairly often). Joan
  3. Message Manager problems with TMG 6.09

    I'm about to leave for my TMG User Group and would like to know what to tell everyone who isn't able to receive messages in their Message Manager about receiving the special 20% discount. I realize the problem is being worked on, however, this is a time-limited offer and shouldn't just be available to those of us who can get the Manager to work! Thanks for any tidbits I can pass along Joan
  4. Here's a challenging question that's been brought to me this morning. It appears that no matter what one does, Data Sets are ordered according to the date on which they are created or imported and even renumbering doesn't change the order in which they show in the Project Explorer when sorted by Data Set. A member of our TMG User Group is wanting to use TMG to track and sort his 'strays' by county or barony in Ireland (making each Data Set a county or barony). To make it easier to find the Data Sets, he wants them to be in alpha order and couldn't find a way to do this. Using my Project which has 8 Data Sets, we quickly realized that their order is strictly determined by the entry date. Any ideas/suggestions on a way to get around/past this? Joan
  5. This Mail List is the primary communication link for the Victoria TMG (The Master Genealogist) User Group. This User Group is a sub-group of Big Blue & Cousins' Genealogy SIG and the Victoria Genealogical Society's Genealogy Computer SIG. Questions, requests for assistance, tips and ideas about The Master Genealogist program are welcome. Further information from Joan McIlmoyl Cleghorn at joansjoy@gmail.com
  6. I'm not quite sure where I should be asking this question so I'm putting it here. In the last couple of Newsletters, the date & time of the next online chat was announced for Nov 19 at 2 pm EDT & 11 pm EDT. I just want to check on whether it really is 'EDT' or if it should read 'EST' as I thought the extension to Daylight Savings Time was a couple of years away....... Thanks
  7. File Management between computers

    From a TMG Newsletter a couple of years ago came the life-saving suggestion to use backup & restore. I've used it for both travelling & demos on different computers. Rather than putting my database on my flash drive, I simply back up my desktop data, put the .sqz file on my flash drive & restore the data on either my laptop or demo machine. When I return, I backup the laptop data, put this .sqz file on the flash drive and restore the desktop data from that. This works very well except that with 6.04, I can't create a .sqz file on my laptop as it still uses Win98SE so instead I zip the data files & TMG is able to restore from the zip file the same as it does from a sqz file. Believe me, this method is sooooo much better than the disaster I created when I first started using TMG & ended up with about 4 different versions of my database & had to merge the various versions. I'm still finding the odd duplication to fix 4+ years later Joan
  8. 6.04 won't backup

    Simon: You don't say what operating system you are using??? When I upgraded to one of the v 6 iterations, I suddenly couldn't do backups on my laptop but my desktop was fine. Turns out it was because my laptop has Win98SE while my desktop has Win XP. Could this be your problem? Joan
  9. Just had to jump in to say thanks for supporting my own opinion on Times Roman & Courier fonts (though I'm inclined to say they're dead even on their ugliness ) Re your comment on indexing in Word - ahhhh, so glad I use WordPerfect - indexing is not a major task All that aside, I always change my fonts in WP as I happen to like Librarian for reports that others will read, especially if they're elderly. In your place, I think I'd bite the bullet to redo the index in order to be able to change the fonts. While you're at it, send a message to MS about the convoluted process for indexing.......I realize they don't listen the way Whollygenes does but it's always worth a try. Joan
  10. Can't Chat -- it fails

    I use Mozilla and just checked - it works fine. I also run ZoneAlarm (not Pro). Joan
  11. Learn common acronyms

    Thanks so much for posting this! Many newer computer users are completely lost with the acronyms and some of the TMG genealogical ones are exclusive. I'm taken back to my first experiences in conferences on our Bulletin Board System (BBS) and spending several months trying to puzzle out some of those.....especially RTFM <BG> Wow, could that really be 10 years ago????! Thanks again. Joan
  12. What is AVATAR?

    Somehow, I never quite pictured you looking like that Bob.... I'm most impressed with this entire 'Community' and look forward to participating frequently. Joan