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  1. Well after a lot of looking around I have found the resolution to this issue. There is a new field in the "Master Tag Type Definition" screen that allows you to Enable and disable any roles. Those that are "Enabled" show up in the boxes /roles on the Tag entry screens, those that are disabled don't show up!! during the move from TMG7 to TMG8 all my custom roles have been set to "disabled" thus making them invisable during data entry.


    So the fix is:-

    • Tools
    • Master Tag Type list
    • click on the Tag type ie Census 1851
    • Edit
    • Roles and Sentences tab
    • click on each Role and click "Enable"

    Bit of a slow process but much quicker than retyping them :lookaround:

  2. Hi,


    I have been using TMG since version 4 so consider myself pretty good at most things but I'm lost at the moment.


    For many years I have had a set of Custom Tags, (and roles), for the UK Census's. I am sure that I imported them from a web site a long time ago. So, for example, I had, (just checked TMG7), a tag called Census1851 and when I added witnesses to the tag there is a list of all the possible roles that witness could hold, son, daugther, borther-in-law, mother-in-law, Aunt etc etc


    When I go to the same Tag in TMG8 all I have for the roles are "Witness" and "new".


    Any ideas why these roles haven't come across with the move to TMG8 and now I can get them back without re-typing them all?


    your Hopefully....