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  1. No, you did perfect.  I was just making sure that your first sentence was not a step. I did all that but the resulting file (although I got all the individuals with the citatations that I wanted) did not identfy the citation so anyone reading the file would not know which citation the specific person's information came from. That's what I am struggling with now. I am going to run an individual narrative for the set of people with the citations I wanted but I have a sneaking suspicion that is going to be a HUGE file. Thanks for your help and other suggestions would be very welcome. 


  2. Terry - everything you suggested worked fine. Still, in the Report "List of People" I cannot get citation information to go with my data. And of course with the "List of Citations" I can't get all the data I want. :( I made several "List of People" excel files that all have the same people in the same line numbers so I can merge the data. I just need to be able to get the citation information to go to a similar excel file so that they can combine. Back to any more ideas? Thanks to everyone who takes any time with this.

    Terry your first statement in your response "You can get there with this method, provided you can accept citations to your four sources to Events, not to relationship or name tags" That is the only sentence I did not understand. I followed your three steps and they worked but what did you mean in that first sentence?" (Unless your three step process was the explanation and I did all that)



  3. Thank You Terry - trying now to decipher and do everything you said. I think I understand it in my head, now I just have to use the program and figure out the "flag" business. Thanks so much for your help. I was getting discouraged after having entered all that information into my database and tying it in with my people.


  4. So I am new at this forum business, but I could use some help. I am trying to create a report that will include all the people I have that have at least one of four SOURCE numbers. Once I have all these people in my filtered group. I would like to output (alphabetically) their name,  birth, death, marriage (associated with that citation) and their parents.

    FOR EXAMPLE: One of the filtered people may be from my source number 417 found in the birth field and the name is 

    John Hendrick so ideally I would like to output a line that looks like

    John Hendrick born -----------   city --------------- state --------- child of ------------father--------- and ---------mother----------- 

    of course the --------------- would be filled with the proper information. I have tried a list of citations but I can't get parents included. I have looked at list of people but I can't filter out the four citation numbers I want. I am stuck. I have all the people for the Braintree, MA vital records ready to put in an easy alphabetical format and I can't find a report to help me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  5. When I add a spouse and I get to the add person screen, the marriage tag is on the list BUT  if I fail to enter a marriage date then the marriage tag is not created and the new person is therefore not linked to their spouse. If I do enter a marriage date, then the marriage tag appears and connects the two people as normal.


    Anyone else experience this or have ideas on how to fix.


    Jeff Lovell