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  1. Thanks Glenn. Just to make sure I understand.... upgrading to Parallels 11 has worked fine for you with Win 8.1. However there is a disclaimer that the Virtual Machine's graphics device is not compatible with Win 10? Can you tell me how that might effect things? If I'm going to get Win 10, I want to get it while it's still a free upgrade. I also use only the same Windows programs as you (except for the .csv converter) plus a couple of small utilities similar to your converter. Have you heard of anyone else's experience who has tried to use W10, P11 and TMG?

  2. Hoping to find out about upgrading to Parallels 11 and going to Windows 10. I have the latest edition of TMG and now running Parallels 10 and Windows 7. Has anyone upgraded to the more recent versions of Parallels and Windows? I understand that if I upgrade to Windows 10, then I probably need to get Parallels 11. But I want to make sure they don't cause any issues with TMG 9.05. Thanks.

  3. Thanks Bob. I did get the Cruise Newsletter but there was no information in there about how to access the online webinars, and they begin tomorrow night. I have not received a confirmation of receipt of my emails of July 25 or Sept 13 signing up for the NARA trip. Who should I contact about accessing the online meetings and making sure I am on the list for the NARA research?

  4. I JUST FIGURED IT OUT! You have to make another change to the default!!! Under the TAG tab, you have to unselect 'restrict to BMDB group events' in the Subject Section. Even if you have 'All events and witnessed events' and 'All' tag types selected under the TAG tab, you still have to unselect 'restrict to BMDB group events'. Then all tags, events and witnessed events show up in the FGS! Whew! I've worked on this since Monday! Thanks.

  5. I think I understand what you are saying and I checked to see that 'Embed sentence [M]emo' is selected on the Miscellaneous tab. It is! But the witnessed event nor the memo still do not show up on the FGS. I checked to make sure that 'all tag types' and 'all witnessed events' are selected on the TAG tab.


    Here is my situation: Subject is a witness to the immigration of his mother (he came from Germany with her). There is a memo in the immigration tag for the mother with all the children selected as witnesses. I want the immigration event and memo to show up in an FGS for the son. The sentence for the Immigration tag includes the Memo. Am I wanting something that is not possible?


    There is a death tag memo that shows up in this FGS. The memo from that tag shows in the FGS like this:

    Death: <D> <L> <M>


    This is what I want for the witnessed immigration.


    Maybe I need to get back to the default FGS settings and start over. How do I do that--I couldn't find a return to default button?

    Thanks for your help.



    Regarding sentence memos (which is what I think that you are asking about)...


    If the subject has a witnessed event, for example,,, And that event shows up in the subject's event list... The only thing necessary to do for the memo for that witness to show in the event line in the report is to select 'Embed sentence [M]emo' on the Miscellaneous tab of the FGS report options. That is the only change from the default report configuration that is necessary and the memo text will show irregardless of the output destination. This has the same effect on a non-witnesssed event such as an Occupation tag.


    For example, the subject is witness to a Census1860 tag and John Smith is the principal in the tag. The line in the report will be:

    Census1860: __ ___ 1860 (w); John Smith (1); Anytown, Anystate; witness memo.


    In the case of the Occupation tag where the subject is the principal and the occupation is in the memo:

    Occupation* __ ___ 1880 Anytown, Anystate; a farmer


    Which memo appears simply depends on whether the subject is a principal or witness.

  6. I'm trying to print embedded witness memos in a Family Group Sheet. I've checked the Memo Option that reads 'Include memos from witnessed events' and I've checked 'Embedded' under 'Memos that are not included in the sentence'. A memo in the death tag prints fine, but the memo in a witnessed Immigration tag won't show up. Neither will it show in an Endnote report if I check Endnotes rather than embedded. I think that I read in the manual or in the online help that these will not show up if I have the report destination set as Print Preview or Printer, but it sounds to me like the memos should show if I Save to File. I also have 'ALL' tag types selected as well as 'ALL events and witnessed events' under Events. What am I doing wrong? Help!!!! I've posted this on the TMG-L but didn't receive a reply. Can anyone help me?




  7. I recently ordered GenSmart and GedStar Pro from the Wholey Genes website. While there I also added GenBridge to my shopping cart at $0 cost. But could not find a place to download GenBridge--thought I needed it to get TMG data into GedStar--and I did not receive an email acknowledgment of the GenBridge order. I have since gotten my data onto my Palm with no problem. I run TMG v.6. Is GenBridge part of TMG? Or do I need to download something? I had thought I might need GenBridge to share info with others not using TMG? If I need to download something, would someone tell me where to find the download, I couldn't find it anywhere on the Wholey Genes site Thanks

  8. From the FGS and ID report perspectives, there are two kinds of memos... those used by sentences and those not used by sentences. You typically want those used by sentences (such as an occupation) to print in the FGS report itself. This is enabled by selecting the 'Embed sentence [M]emo' option on the Miscellaneous tab. I personally would want this data in the report rather than in the citations. So I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to accomplish.


    Jim, I'm still having touble. I have a memo in the memo section of the Son-Bio tag that says something about the uncertainty of which wife is the child's mother. After following your instructions above, the memo now prints in the FGS but not the ID. I have set options for both as follows: Memo tab--"embedded", and Misc tab--"Embed sentence Memo". Problem is that I need the History Tag memo to print also and it seems to only print in the ID report. And there, the tag memo doesn't print. I'd like both to print on one or the other report. I have 'All' tags and 'All events and witnessed events' checked in the Tags tab for both reports.


    Am I asking for something not available?



  9. From the FGS and ID report perspectives, there are two kinds of memos... those used by sentences and those not used by sentences. You typically want those used by sentences (such as an occupation) to print in the FGS report itself. This is enabled by selecting the 'Embed sentence [M]emo' option on the Miscellaneous tab. I personally would want this data in the report rather than in the citations. So I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to accomplish.


    Thanks for your reply Jim. I really don't know what I'm doing. I keep referring to Terry's book and to the manual, but I'm stumped. I'm going to Salt Lake City FHL next week and I'm trying to get reports with as much detail as possible on them. I do want the memos in the report rather than in endnotes or with the citations. Occupation tag is a good example as I have a memo there and nothing shows up on the FGS even though I've chosen that ALL tags be included in the report. There are several places to put memos--tag entry screen, citation screen, add witness screen, etc. and I'm not sure which memo show up where used.


    I've been experimenting with putting the info in different memo screens and seeing what shows up and what doesn't--and where it shows. I've really had more luck getting the memos to show in the Indiv Detail report--in the endnotes. I've also been experimenting with changing the options. When I imported my info from Generations, my Misc Notes field went into a Note tag memo. Those show up nowhere when I do FGS or ID. So I've started adding a History tag, putting my note info into the memo field in the History tag and I cite the memo. Those memos will show up in the ID report.


    Obviously I don't know what I'm doing. Any help would be appreciated.



  10. I hope this isn't considered off topic, but I have a chance to spend 4-5 days at the Family History Library in SLC at the end of this month. I'm trying to organize and think through what I need to do, but I feel overwhelmed already! I would appreciate any tips or suggestions from anyone who has researched there. Thanks, Kaye

  11. For some reason (probably a setting I checked) all my individuals were imported from the old program with a Census tag whether or not there was a census entry or not. I can do a filter finding these tags or events with no date, city, county or state. But can I delete all those tags all at one time? Or do I have to do them one at a time? There are about 1400 of them!!!



  12. This is a common misconception. You don't "switch" data sets, nor do you "view" data sets. Rather, you view people. The person you are viewing is in a data set, but the next person you view may be in a different data set.


    OK, I see that. One data set is my family tree and the second is my husband's. Mine starts with myself, adds my husband and his parents (leaving out his siblings) and our children. His starts with him, adding me, my parents and our children. Again leaving off my siblings. So the only duplicate people are me, my husband, both sets of parents and our children. Should I change that?


    If I merge them for our kids, will the duplicates overwrite each other with the most current changes? I have already found that this could be a problem in that I'd neglected to enter my parents death tag in my husband's data set. So I can see that there should be another way to do this! Or maybe I should merge them to a single DS? Since I've just done the import and haven't started cleaning them yet, this would be easy to do. I think! I can delete one of the DS and redo the import wizard merging the 2nd with the first. If I need to do that can you tell me how to get my husband's ready to merge into mine? Do I delete the kids and leave my husband? Or delete him too, then link him to his parents after merging? What happens to the numbering? I want my husband and I to be #'s 1 & 2.


    Just what is the best way to handle this? I guess the reason I had two trees or DS is I didn't want the pick list of people to be so long. And while our children are our children and they are interested in the family lines, they are both adopted and these are not their blood lines. So technically my and my husband's line ends here and I can see an argument for keeping them separate. Thanks for the help.

  13. New user here so forgive the barage of questions coming soon. I've imported two family trees into a single project as separate data sets. How do I switch between the two? I have a feeling it is in Data Set Manager--but not sure where. They both show as enabled--do I disable one? Can I view both DS at one time? Thanks.

  14. In addition to being a beginning user, I am trying to move a practice project from my old laptop to the new one. I've gotten the program re-installed and unlocked. And I had gotten a pretty good import from Sierra Generations. I had set up it up to save the practice data set (or family file) under My Documents>Genealogy>TMG>Projects, but I don't know how to move what I need to the new computer. Also I've already moved the entire My Document file to the new computer. I want to use that data set rather than doing a new import, as I'd done quite a bit of experimenting in that data set. Can someone help? Thanks, Kaye

  15. There was a problem changing tag types in v6.05, and it was fixed in v6.07. Are you using the latest version - 6.07?


    I'm using 6.07


    That backup error message occurs when the path to the backup is incorrect. Check File > Preferences > Current Project Options > Advanced.


    If you upgrade, be sure and check the backup path again to make sure it is correct.


    Thanks, I'll double check that.