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  1. Member Map

    There is also broken link to it on the left of the Wholly Genes website home page.
  2. Exporting to other formats

    Copyright law seems to allow you read and interpret a file format, but it does not allow you (without agreement) to create a program that creates a file in the same proprietary format.
  3. direct line charts

    I don't believe that you can get images in this output. BTW: I have previously asked for the direct line output as a style that produces large format charts (rather than Letter or A4 paged reports). If this was done then you could show primary images. It would also be nice to be able to automatically highlight the direct line relationship in any VCF chart.
  4. direct line charts

    Have you looked at the Relationship Chert? It may produce what you want.
  5. Chartform

    Thanks to Virginia for identifying that I had copied the wrong topic URL I thought that I had copied the following http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index.php?showtopic=354 Sorry for the incorrect link.
  6. Chartform

    Take a look at (Incorrect link removed. Please see the two replies below... JEB) which will explain your problem and its solution.
  7. I can't easily check this at the moment! However, I presume that the Copy Tag will update the Last Edited Date of the person from whom the tag is being copied as at that moment you are actually adding another tag to that person. (But that may not be be what you want to happen if you are about to change the P1 id of that copied tag). It looks like the issue is more complex.
  8. Ancestor Chart

    In a Visual Chartform chart from TMG, any box can only have one name in it (the box's subject). What you are asking for is to place a second name in that box. There is no such option. Neither is there any option that will output a separate box for the marriage partners of those siblings. You can indicate whetther they are/were married or not by outputing the Marr info (date, place) for the last viewed partner but not the name of the partner, nor is there anyway to show multiple marriage partners of these siblings. The problem is just more complex than I think that you first thought.
  9. Help with tag transfer to Chartform

    This is an on-going confusion about tags, their groups and choice of which to make primary. The answer is that TMG/VCF doesn't have a simple way that will handle this without the user doing extra data entry. Firstly, you need to add a new custom tag in the Other group, say "Baptised" to distinquish it from "Baptism". Now you can enter (or re-enter the baptism or christening) data here. This tag can be used as one selected in the VCF Chart Options; Data Types tab. The rub with the way the Birth Group works can be seen in the following sequence: (1) First you enter a Baptism event for a person in the Baptism tag (in the Birth Group) as you want this date to be a surrogate of the real birth date (and hence become the primary Birth Group event), (2) Later, you find a record for the actual Birth date that you enter as a Birth tag in the the Birth Group and then change this tag to be the primary in the Birth Group. (3) This means that the previous Baptism tag is no longer primary and cannot be output on a VCF chart. (4) Now *re-enter* the Baptism event as a custom Baptised tag in the Other Group (unfortunately TMG will not allow you to change the group of a tag or re-assign it to another tag in another group). This new tag can be output on the VCF chart. If you enter both tags Baptism and Baptised for each person for which I had that event, then for persons _without_ a Birth tag, the VCF chart will show the same information twice once from "Birth* Group" and then in the "Baptised *" lines. To overcome this problem (in the way TMG's GROUP primary system works) I have previously suggested that there should be a GROUP PRIMARY indicator for each of the Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce and Burial groups *AND* a tag LABEL PRIMARY indicator (in the Other Group, there is only a LABEL PRIMARY and no GROUP PRIMARY). With such a dual system, it would be possible to select two lines of output for a chart "Birth*" and "Baptism*" but not "Birth* Group" to get the result that you and many others would like to have on charts. I hope this clears the air.
  10. Suggestion-VCF

    John, It should be possible to add this kind of output to the File > Properties display, likewise output of this information a named .TXT or .LOG file is probably not much work. Both of these suggestions would need to be evaluated for their value to other users relative to the work that they would take. BTW: Being in the Metric world, I would object if you literally expected the output to be on a Letter page (however, I think that you were actually suggesting this) You probably would be satisfied if it could be output to a separate normal printable file that has no notion of a specific page size. If you want to see what you are doing is to reset the VCF units to Pixels and then you can measure items directly on the rulers (96 pixels per inch - no round value for pixels per cm).
  11. You don't give me enough information so I will guess what is happening. The general layout rule in a top-to-bottom VCF descendant chart (in US style marriage layout) is that the spouse id centred over the width of their descendants and the partner of the spouse is placed to the left of the spouse. This will give a chart like the one you require. However, 3 factors can cause you to get a displaced or spread out chart. (1) Multiple marriages or use of the UK style marriage layout. (2) Some "unknown" parents of children (3) Many generations where there is only one known child, leading to a staircase from top left to bottom right. If what you have is one of these them there is little you can do but manually edit the chart after it is generated. If what you have is something else, please explain.
  12. Suspect ancestors

    Another possibility is to append "(possible ancestor)" to the surname of the person. Then no matter how you output that person that will be seen by others. Once you verify the relationship, it is only a simple name edit to remove that marker.
  13. Cut Marks

    Because I have a big printer I have not had the need for cut marks. (I had not tried this option until this topic appeared on the forum.) I conducted some tests here to conclude that this option is not working as expected. I tried some margin settings to see the content change, but no cut marks were printed (W2000 to a Laserjet HP5MP). I do sometimes get a fine pale grey line only at the left margin of the page if I have zero left margin. I will report that this to the developers.
  14. Changing Sex Flag

    I have been doing the same sex change ? to either ot M or F operations without lock ups. However, I have detected a problem in the updating of links between parent and a child with newly assigned sex. I find that running VFI fixes the problem even though it says "No problem found". I have reported this to the developers. I wonder whether you have changed the sex of 2 persons who were in adjacent generations (i.e both a parent and their child) and hence get the lock up?
  15. This issue is a function of the options offered by the particular printer driver that you have installed provided by that printer's manufacturer (or Microsoft). As a matter of fact, I have never seen a printer driver with a banner printing option that has the feature that you are wanting. This is outside of the control of Wholly Genes to provide such a feature as it can only use the features provided by the printer driver.
  16. This suggestion is more complex than you think. However, on several times in the past I have requested that VCF charts be able to be be limited in scope by a user action other than the extreme of having to create a new data set or project. I have projects where I need up to 15 such sub-groups (all new data sets so that I can create the required charts)! Note that all VCF chart start with a single focus person. What you require is to limit the inclusion of persons who are related to that focus person. A focus group is not necessarily the most appropriate method of determining the inclusion or exclusion of the display of a person in a chart. I would prefer that the chart continued to show all persons related to the focus prerson until a flag value changed or the next person was not a member of the nominated focus group. Actually, I would prefer that this flag or another flag determined how much of a person's information was displayed (in increasing data; nothing, name only, name with year only of BMDBdata , up to all requested data). (This differnce could be specified in the Data Types tab of ther Chart options.) What do you think?
  17. Adelaide - Southern Group

    Contact: None Web site: None Mailing list: None Other info: Npne Meeting Info:This TMG User Group has disbanded.