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  1. Multiple monitors

    Alan, That is not what I intended you to think. I can run a single copy of TMG that spans all 3 of my monitors if I want to. (side by side is only only a another way of using the multi-monitors.) You don't say that you have tired to "Restore down then stretch (drag) out the edges of the TMG main frame to span your 2 monitors. If that doesn't work then you have some problem with your video card setup. Once you have a window arrangement that suits your needs save it as a new layout.
  2. Multiple monitors

    What you have discovered is that the way your video driver works - it is tell ing the operating system that full-screen mode is full screen on the the first or primary monitor, not across both monitors. You must "Restore Down" your TMG window (the button with the 2 overlapping windows on the top right of the title bar). This activated the resizing and moving features. Now you can drag your window to where you want it (over the entire 2 monitors) and re-layout you TMG to your preference, then save that layout. I have 3 monitors, and I have layouts for "left screen" and "rights creen" so that I view 2 copies of TMG at the same time.
  3. Restore problems with 6.08

    I presume that you have the same operating system on both computers, and that if that is XP then that you are logged in as a user on both who has admin rights. There is possibility that "somehow" a security policy on one machine is creating some problem. If you are not logged on to the "restore" machine as an admin rights user, please try that to eliminate the permissions issue. Can you restore the SQZ file from that media copy to a different folder on the _same_ machine upon the original backup was done? (and then successfully use it). You need to eliminate the backup file being corrupt then examine the alternative that is a difference between the two machines "somehow". Is there a difference in the AV or spyware applications running on the two machines?
  4. sort children

    By memory, if you have entered a Birth Order flag value for any of the children then that will take preference over any setting of the primary Birth Event sort date. If you want to use sort dates then make sure that you have no Birth Order flag values set.
  5. Problem with box charts

    On this computer, can you open the sample project and screate the same type of box chart? If you can then this implies that you have a data file problem not a TMG installation problem. Can you backup your problematic project and then restore it to a new folder. Then create a chart from that new copy of the project. This sounds like a file path, permissions, ownership or read-only problem in the old project.
  6. TMG Gold Edition 4.01

    Neither can I - I don't understand where this rrwexp.dll reference has come from. It is not a RRW file that exists on my W2K machine (that includes a full installation of the RRW tool and a working copy of TMG v4.0d).
  7. Picklist issues

    When you open TMG and then use File > Data Set Manager 1) Does the top list in the DSM show that you have 2 (o more) data sets? 2) Does one of them have a tick, the other no tick? Select the one without a tick and press [Enable]. Explanation: when you restored you old v5 data, it went into a second data set, but you did not enable that data set when you completed the restore. You may also have left the restored data set in "Locked" mode (like padlock in the top list of the DSM). If you ever want to edit those records, they must be unlocked by the [unlock] button (not reversable!). Close the DSM and try the Picklist. Does the selector at the top of the Picklist screen say "All data sets", if not select that value. Now you should see all the persons. If all of the above doesn't make sense, then my assumption about your problem was wrong - sorry.
  8. Place styles functionality

    Ken, I think that you have misunderstood the request made by Jesper. You are thinking about tags as setting the style for a tag type when I believe that the request is to be able to select the Place Style of this place record when used with this event tag of *this* person. That is, to be able to select which style applies to the place record when entering this event, just like you can now select which *Name-Var* should be used when creating output for this person in a report. I see that this request makes a lot of sense. It would allow the output to have much more flexibility. Allowing this would still not allow me to do what I would like to do. To be able to record the place as it was described on the source record and yet get that place record associated with my preferred (primary) name for that place. I would like to see a scheme for places that paralleled the Name-Var of Names. Then it would possible to record, cite the source of that equivalence and search for places that are the same but recorded differently. This came about because of language, culture, politics, or use of a different geograghic heirarchy. This feature has more relevelance to the UK and Europe place records than to the US, but is probably of interest to persons with US colonal records of places that evolved as boundaries changed. Another comment here about place output using styles: It is desirable that the second and subsequent uses of that place name may be kept short while maintaining good language usage in the sentence or other output (VCF). So this may require a several selectable report output templates for a place style for second or subsequent use. The current, common for all styles, short place name template does not provide this flexibility. While the re-entry required for individual short place names increases the load on the user. Are these important issues in your use of place styles?
  9. Charting Box formats

    This combined descendant+spouse box layout is not possible in TMG at this time. I know that it has been requested sometime in the past. If you feel stronly about it then put up an item on the forum with wishlist as part of its subject. There a number of variants of charts (particularly those associated with genetics) where such a layout would be more efficient. However, some users still want the partners to be in separate boxes. Separate boxes will allow for more information for each person. Have you tried the UK style descendant charts where there is a distinctive double line between the partners?
  10. TMG Gold Edition 4.01

    Have you read this forum topic? http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index.php?showtopic=354
  11. Bugs in ver. 6.07.0000!

    Please don't get depressed. In your earlier messages, something unexpected has happened when using your TMG project in your TMG installation. This is unusual!! The standard warning message you are seeing is displayed if you have entered a new birth date that is earlier than the current primary birth date of a person. Have you changed the date backwards that far? If not there is a clue to what is happening here. It is extremely seldom that TMG's data gets corrupted (usually because of power failure, a disk crash or a virus action). In many cases Wholly Genes support can recover it. BUT, I don't think that you have such a problem. If you can, 1) Please find another local TMG v6.07.000 user (preferably using the same version of Windows). BTW: Are you using a Danish, International or US version of Windows xxxx? 2) On your computer do a File > Backup (probably need to burn a CD-ROM for 40,000 persons or use a USB Memory stick). 3) On the other person's machine, do a File > Restore to a new folder. 4) Then open the restored project on the second computer. 5) Try the operations that are causing problems on the second computer. Please report what you find. (If you can't find a local user, then you will probably have to negotiate with Wholly Genes support how best to get your project to them to examine.) What you are reporting strikes me as: A. a problem in the TMG database indexing that should have be fixed by the file maintenance routines. B. a problem where the other software installed on your machine is somehow in conflict with the requirements of TMG (that is why I asked about which version of Windows you are using!) C: an undetected problem within your dataset (like a circular relationship reference). Another way of trying isolate the problem is to File > Project Copy the TMG Sample project. Then to open the copy and perform operations on it to see whether you can invoke (or not) the problems. (I suggest taking a copy of the Sample project as this means that you can return to the original version to take other copies for experiments.) QUERIES: Which application did you import the 40,000 persons from? Are you working in English or Danish? Are you using any custom name or place styles? As I write this, I keep thinking that this a data problem and that you will probably not experience the same problems when using the copy of the TMG sample data set.
  12. Need Fix: Person 0:0

    You can't delete person 0:0 - that is the no known person value. Try the maintenance routines first - Reindex, Optimise, VFI in that order. Then close TMG and re-open the project.
  13. I see from your local time that you are on the East Coast of the USA. However, if you were not in North America, then there are other chart printing services in the UK and Australia (for instance) that specialize in TMG/Visual Chartform output. One point of warning about any printing of coloured output by an external printing bureau. Be aware that the colours may be different from what you see on your computer screen. It is especially important to ensure that any colour used as a box fill is _pale_ enough for the TEXT to have sufficient contrast so that it can be easily read by the chart's audience. Most of the default colours provided in the TMG Chart Options are too instense to give a good contrast. For an effective result you need to create your own "Custom" colours.
  14. Adding New Places

    This is a feature that I asked for a _long_ while ago - sometime in v3.x. I was involved in a study of where I would have liked to have already input the gazateer of a small region so that other persons entering data did not have to add new unfamiliar place names (and possibly transcribe them incorrectly). However, there is a workaround. Add a pseudo-person "_PLACES" as the first step. Create a custom tag "Place_Holder" in the Other tag group. Then add each place as the place of a "Place_Holder" tag of the "_PLACES" person. This will make each place appear in the master Place List and be available for selection. The place cannot be deleted until the "Place_Holder" tag is has been deleted. Copying this "_PLACES" person to a new project will move all these places to that new project.
  15. Prin1 and Prin2 are witnesses to any event. However, other witnesses (not Prin1 or Prin2) should not be tested or included in this filtered List of Events output. This suggests that there is potentially a bug if what you report can be reproduced on another project. Can you confirm this? In the sample Project add to an unrelated marriage a witness with a surname matching your target. Then run the same report? That marriage should not be listed in the output.
  16. This definitely sounds like a data problem rather than an Hourglass chart failure. You have probably not got set the spouse as the *primary* other parent of the child person in question. Look at the Detail View of the child and check that *both* parents are showing againat the Father and Mother labels at the top. Several tests that can perform. Do an Ancestor Chart or a Compressed Pedigree to see whether all these show the same effect with the same persons?
  17. When creating images for use as Primary Person Exhibits in TMG, these images have 2 important properties that will influence how they are output. These are DPI (dots per inch) and Pixels (number of pixels horizontally and vertically). The DPI is used sometimes to set the size of the printed form of the image when outputting an item in a TMG report or chart. The number of pixels determines the quality of the output image (too few causes grainy "salt and pepper" images, while too many can be a waste of storage and processing for no visible gain). Some TMG reports resize the image to fit a specific width (e.g. VCF charts, or FGS to screen), while output of the same image to a Wordprocessor file can show a very large or very small image. I had a large number of images that had come from hi-res scans of photos and from digital cameras. I decided to crop them and re-sample them so that the retained piece was 300 pixels across by about 450 pixels high for passport like pictures for FGS, Individual Detail and VCF charts. I did not look at the DPI on each image. <=== WRONG It seems as if Microsoft Word assumes a printing space at 300 DPI, therefore the same 300W * 450H image set at - 300 DPI will be output as 1"W * 1.5"H, - 75 DPI will be output as 4"W * 6"H, - 1200 DPI will be output as 0.25" * 0.375" So I have learnt that if you are attaching Primary Person Exhibit images not only do you want them to be a comparable number of pixels in each direction, BUT a constant DPI so that they come out the same size when they are output. I am now re-editing the images just to change their DPI setting all to 300 DPI from the settings currently in use of 75,150, 300, 600, and 1200. (NOTE Always keep your unadjusted original in a separate folder as an archive!!) What I have said above says nothing about the format of the image JPG, TIF, BMP, etc or the problems on compression artifacts,etc on the quality of the image. I hope others will find this observation useful when saving copies of images for use in particular types of TMG reports.
  18. Earl, The only suggestion that I can offer is for you to do a sequence of File > Maintenance operations to see whether that will improve the situation for you. Please run VFI, then Optimise, then try the Expanded Picklist sort again. Also, open the Sample project and see whether that also acts in the same way as your own project. If the Sample project also misbehaves, then I would advise that you do an uninstall/re-install sequence (remember to keep a copy of your key and other details on the Help About Screen before you uninstall!) Robin
  19. It is working for me in v6.07. Are you saying the screen is blank or the sorting is jumbled? If the sorting is jumbled, please upload a screen grab that shows the first few rows of the Expanded Picklist so we can see what you mean?
  20. TMG Gold Version 3.5

    Here is a quote from an TMG-L email 8 Jan 2002
  21. I scan and archive as TIF also. For digital camera JPGs, I save with no compression (if possible) only rotating the original to make it easy to look through the thumbnails. The difficult images to use are the ones that are scanned from old newspapers with their screening or images that have too few pixels. Both of these create outcomes that look second rate when they are enlarged at all. For TMG, I am mostly concerned with photos that are "passport-like" cropped shots and hence their size/properties. I have not tried to work with Event images or larger illustrations for books which have their problems.
  22. Thanks for the comments, Kathleen. I take it then that you have visit each and every image and manual make these two adjustments, what a PAIN! If you produce an Individual Detail for a whole series of persons in one output, this is just as bad as (or actually worse than) Microsoft Word. Is there any Preference/Option setting where these 2 settings can be made the default? Life with computer was supposed to reduce the work not increase it Robin
  23. John, I don't use Open Office Writer. Could you please share in more detail what are the implications of particular DPI and pixel values to to the size of an inserted image in OOW? Robin
  24. Strange, I just posted a 2 line reply that has not appeared However, after TMG closes, no new "Check for updates to the The Master Genealogist" window opens. It just dies.
  25. I have had this experience on a client's XP machine. I found that I could not use "Check for Update" with the same symptoms that you are reporting. That machine is part of a multi-machine multi-site network run be a group of medical practices. I suspect that the security systems prevented the right signals to get in or out of that environment. There may be specific Ports that must be allowed access in or out on a firewall for this "Check for Update" to work. It would be useful to know whether this is true or not. It could also be true that the user login is not an admin privileged account. Either way I don't think this is a TMG problem, but the way that the computing environment around TMG has been set up or protected.