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  1. I have TMG 7.0 Gold.  Is there a report that will compare 2 projects and then give you names that are in one project but not the other?  I'm trying to figure out the differences between two files that I've lost track of what I was doing with each.  They are for the same family line.  Each has about 2400 people in it and one has about 30 people more than the other.

    Thank you!

  2. I am looking for some time-saving tips on data entry.




    Second (and I feel silly for asking, since I am sure I should know the answer), I really miss the auto-fill feature of Family Tree Maker (where I could type "Marl" and the program would automatically propose "Marlborough, Middlesex, Massachusetts"). Is there any way with TMG to avoid having to fully type in three separate fields for a location that is used repeatedly (and having to remember both the name of the County and that I have previously decided to spell the city name with an "ough")?


    Is this feature on the list of possible enhancements for future release?

  3. Another option is to use the new version of MyFamily.com. One person would be the maintainer of the actual TMG database which would be on their computer. The MyFamily.com site has the ability for you to upload a tree using gedcom that only members of your site can see. It also has a discussion forum that is private. You can discuss the specifics about your research in the forum. The one who is responsible for maintaining the data can do that as the decisions are being made. This will document the process if you ever need to go back to it. The site also gives you the option of uploading files and document scans which can help with the research.

  4. This is very disappointing that there isn't a fix. Especially since I'm sure that this is a problem for many people. It should be fairly simple for the programmers to come up with a utility similar to merging that is looking for this and then gives you the option of building the tag on the fly.


    Even if there were a way to run a report listing each person this was a problem with it would be better than nothing. I can't go back to FO and make the corrections and then re-import since I have already added a lot of data in TMG.

  5. Hi everyone,


    I am brand new to TMG but am a long time researcher. I cannot figure out how to print citation references on reports. I can get part of the citation to print. But the actual "Reference" field in the citation that holds your identification information for the citation doesn't seem to be available as a print option. Here's the explanation of that field in the help file:


    4. (Optional) Enter a Reference Number for this citation. This field is alpha-numeric and is used if you have your own identification system for citations and/or sources. For example, this might reference a file where a source document is stored.


    I would like to be able to print that reference number on my reports but can't quite figure it out! Any help would be awesome!