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  1. Apparently there is no longer a TMG Users' Group in the Phoenix, Arizona area. If anyone is interested in starting one

    please contact me or post to this forum.

    Judy Drake



    I sure don't know where you got that information. We are alive and well. Look for Sun Country TMG Users' Group. We encompass the entire state of Arizona. In fact, there was a meeting this morning. For more information, go to our web site http://www.suncountrytmg.com


    I noticed that you found our TMGPAZ mailing list and are now subscribed.


    Linda Lambert

  2. At our meeting on February 9, the Sun Country TMG Users' Group (Arizona) came up with a wishlist item:


    The four items shown (Focus person, Sort, Keyword Filter, and Task Name Filter) are to narrow the tasks shown in the Research Log window (on the left of the Research Log window). The top right of the window shows other information for each task. In fact, it shows all the information except the Keyword and the Expenses fields. To see those, you have to open the task itself. we would like the Keyword field to display in that top right section, which would make it easier to enter the correct keyword in the Keyword Filter box in the bottom right.


    Is this possible in a future update?


    Linda Lambert


    Sun Country TMG Users' Group

  3. Arizona TMG Mailing List

    To subscribe: Send email to: TMG-PAZ-L-request@rootsweb.com

    with only the word "subscribe" (without the quotes) in the subject line and again in the body of the message. You will receive a confirmation email. Follow the instructions to complete the subscription process.


    This mailing list is for communication regarding the use of the TMG program.


    The mailing list administrator is Linda Lambert at ktlkate@wydebeam.com.