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  1. Automatic Relation Tag Problem

    Have Jim or Tech Support look at your data. There is probably one relationship that isn't set correctly and messing everything up. Make a list of some of the relationships that are not showing correctly so that Jim or support have a starting point. A fresh set of eyes is a good thing. Barbara
  2. Error message

    Did you shut down the computer and restart?
  3. Printing Reports Without Memos

    FYI: The correct variable type is: Date Location
  4. Importing Reunion Files

    What would that accomplish? TMG4 can't do a direct import from Reunion. Tech Support has the Generation programs that can work with the old Reunion files.
  5. Importing Reunion Files

    You might want to talk with Dorothy in Tech Support. She still has the older programs and can import through TMG 4.
  6. Need a Copy of Version 6

    email support@whollygenes.com or call the Wholly Genes office Monday morning and they will resend you your unlock info.
  7. Version 4 Gold- descendency charts

    I forgot that I wrote that back in my Tech Support days!
  8. Version 4 Gold- descendency charts

    email support@whollygenes.com and request a copy of ctl3d.dll with instructions. This file was part of the operating system before XP.
  9. Ancestor highlights

    In the Detail Window, Right click, select Accent for more info see the help files and http://tmg.reigelridge.com/accents.htm
  10. Relationship flaw

    The auto relationship tag is calculated when you first toggle auto relationship and is not changed until toggled again. When you add a new person, if you add them to the parent that already has a relationship the new person's relationship will show correctly at this time. To recalculate relationships as each person is added would significantly slow down the program. To-recalculate the relationships during a session, [Refresh relationships] from preferences. An easy way to accomplish this is to add "Toggle Relative auto-tag" to your custom toolbar. Go to: View > Toolbars > Customize. Toggle the tag off then back on to recalculate relationships.
  11. Journal Report Option

    Read Terry's article Customizing the "Children of" Statement at http://tmg.reigelridge.com/NarrativeChildren.htm
  12. Reference to duplicate people in ancestor chart

    If you're using the Pedigree Chart: Options > Misc. Tab > check Repeat Duplicate Lines If you're using the Ancestor Chart: I would select the boxes and use copy & paste to add the duplicate line As Lee would say, Hope this helps, Barbara
  13. Second Site flag problem

    Kathleen, Although someone might be able to help you on the TMG7 Forum, you will probably get better help from the Second Site Google Group. The Group is introduced as: "This is the official mailing list for Second Site users. John Cardinal, the author of the program, is the primary manager of this list and encourages the use of this list to discuss how to use Second Site effectively. Feel free to send messages about any aspect of using Second Site, including success stories, problem reports, requests for opinions from other users, etc. ... There is also an "unofficial" SecondSite list at rootsweb.com.
  14. Changing Sex Flag

    Help > Help Contents > Index Tab > Changing SEX or SEX (changing) or you can use the Search Tab and type SEX
  15. Version 4 to a Vista Machine

    From www.whollygenes.com > Contact us E-mail support : support@whollygenes.com Phone support : 410-715-2260 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Eastern)
  16. Dates on top person in Details box

    Another reason the dates may not show for some people and not for others, is the width of the Name Column.
  17. How to setup pagesize in VCF

    Using PDF995 and Vista Home Premium http://www.pdf995.com/ In VCF File > Page Setup > Select your paper size (I just tested using 36" x 72") Then print normally. If you try to set the page size in File > Print > Advanced, the chart will print on multiple 8 1/2 x 11 sheets.
  18. Chartform

  19. GenSmarts

    Wholly Genes sells GenSmarts as a download product.
  20. Sample project

    Just run the tmg7setup.exe program. When it gets to the options of what to install, uncheck everything but the Sample Project. Continue with the installation.
  21. Lost Key

    The Wholly Genes Office lost power today and won't have it back until sometime tomorrow. Tech support is working from home, so email them and they'll get you your unlock key as soon as they can.
  22. Combined Burial Plots

    I've been know to make a Cemetery a "person" and make it P2 (Principal 2) in the Burial Tag. It is very good at keeping track on lots of family members buried in the same cemetery, but in different plots, or trying to figure out why, when most of a family is buried in one cemetery, is one brother is buried at another (but not in the wifes family plot) When looking at the Cemetery Person Detail View, you see a nice list, by date, of interments.
  23. Custom Toolbar Question

    This is probaly what you're looking for From the 5 Mar 2008 Wholly Genes Newsletter, DID YOU KNOW that you can design a custom toolbar that includes a button for any menu feature? You can also create buttons that will load a specific layout, run a specific report, load a specific project, access a specific web page, etc. Just right-click on any toolbar button and choose Customize. DID YOU KNOW that if put all of the features that you typically use on your custom toolbar, then you can disable the standard toolbars? Just right-click on any toolbar button and deselect each of the standard toolbars. In that way, you can maximize the available space for custom buttons as described above. There's more DID YOU KNOW tips in the Newsletter section of the Forum.
  24. OCX file missing

    Email Phil in Tech Support. phild@whollygenes.com
  25. Map My Family Tree

    From the Map My Family Tree Website: Download the latest ver. 1.4.11 of Map My Family Tree at http://www.progenygenealogy.com/supportftp...Tree-update.exe You must first have installed Map My Family Tree from the CD, then install the update which you have downloaded by double-clicking on the file & following the steps.