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  1. Thanks for the offer to look at the project, but I have to warn you, I have over 16,000 people in it. I guess I'll wait a while longer to see if someone comes up with a fix before I take you up on it?


    Have Jim or Tech Support look at your data. There is probably one relationship that isn't set correctly and messing everything up. Make a list of some of the relationships that are not showing correctly so that Jim or support have a starting point. A fresh set of eyes is a good thing.



  2. The auto relationship tag is calculated when you first toggle auto

    relationship and is not changed until toggled again. When you add a

    new person, if you add them to the parent that already has a

    relationship the new person's relationship will show correctly at

    this time. To recalculate relationships as each person is added

    would significantly slow down the program. To-recalculate the

    relationships during a session, [Refresh relationships] from

    preferences. An easy way to accomplish this is to add "Toggle

    Relative auto-tag" to your custom toolbar. Go to: View > Toolbars >

    Customize. Toggle the tag off then back on to recalculate relationships.

  3. Read Terry's article Customizing the "Children of" Statement at http://tmg.reigelridge.com/NarrativeChildren.htm


    How do I stop TMG presuming that there are No known issue of a couple when producing a custom format journal report. The children are "known issue" box under the Miscellaneous tab doesn't seem to change it.

    It's a really presumptuous statement when the truth would be that the author has been too lazy to trace this line any further.

  4. I've just installed SSv2.1 build 10.


    I have a flag called Census Person that I wanted excluded, so I selected it from Set Flag Filter, checked exclude if Y, but SS INcludes it instead! Am I missing something?



    Although someone might be able to help you on the TMG7 Forum, you will probably get better help from the Second Site Google Group. The Group is introduced as:


    "This is the official mailing list for Second Site users. John Cardinal, the author of the program, is the primary manager of this list and encourages the use of this list to discuss how to use Second Site effectively. Feel free to send messages about any aspect of using Second Site, including success stories, problem reports, requests for opinions from other users, etc. ...


    There is also an "unofficial" SecondSite list at rootsweb.com.

  5. I've been know to make a Cemetery a "person" and make it P2 (Principal 2) in the Burial Tag. It is very good at keeping track on lots of family members buried in the same cemetery, but in different plots, or trying to figure out why, when most of a family is buried in one cemetery, is one brother is buried at another (but not in the wifes family plot)


    When looking at the Cemetery Person Detail View, you see a nice list, by date, of interments.

  6. I noticed alot of folks have what appears to be buttons for launching census data (folders or images). How can this be done?


    This is probaly what you're looking for

    From the 5 Mar 2008 Wholly Genes Newsletter,


    DID YOU KNOW that you can design a custom toolbar that includes a button for any menu feature? You can also create buttons that will load a specific layout, run a specific report, load a specific project, access a specific web page, etc. Just right-click on any toolbar button and choose Customize.


    DID YOU KNOW that if put all of the features that you typically use on your custom toolbar, then you can disable the standard toolbars? Just right-click on any toolbar button and deselect each of the standard toolbars. In that way, you can maximize the available space for custom buttons as described above.


    There's more DID YOU KNOW tips in the Newsletter section of the Forum.