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  1. There is an option under Data Entry to "Open Reminder window automatically" but that also does the tag reminders. If that isn't it, are her tag reminders working properly? Does her citation reminder show up when she clicks on the green lightbulb (or whatever that icon is)?

  2. I do start with the Welcome screen - learned that one the hard way many years ago. It finally got out of repair mode after several restarts and reboots (which were probably unnecessary).

    I do understand my project is probably damaged - the power went out exactly as I pressed F9 so things were being written (in my rudimentary understanding of these things).

    I would be most appreciative if you would have a look, it's about 5,051kb zipped. Thank you.

  3. The power went out at exactly the moment I hit f9 and I can't open my main file - if I try to open it without closing the sample file it says "an error happened when opening the data tables" and if I try with the sample file closed it says "The project is in use elsewhere." In addition, TMG is running in repair mode even after opening uncorrupted files and rebooting my computer.

    There are no CDX files for my crashed project.

    I've emptied my temp files.

    Is there anything else I can do? 

  4. I get this issue quite frequently. Re-indexing and optimizing don't help. Usually, I can clear it by opening the name tag for the person it defaulted to, making a change to the name and changing it back again and closing the window. I then navigate to the person it is confused with and do the same. In most cases that fixes things. I understand that logically that should not change anything, but logically this shouldn't be happening either so I roll with what works. On the few cases where that does not resolve the issue (most often it seems when the error has not occurred as a result of adding like-named children), I renumber each of the people getting mixed up. Whichever way I get it cleared up, I then re-index and optimize.

    I have never noticed a random person in the list of recently viewed people when this error occurs, I have noticed that it does not roll over to the person I am attempting to move to, but assumed that was because I didn't actually get to that person.

  5. I updated to 9.03 yesterday. One database is ok, another one gives this error when I start up. If I abort it then opens the Db. I have reindexed, run validation, optimized - all more than once - to no avail. Now what?

    25-07-14, 08:52:51 12Variable 'ROLE' is not found. 6790 FIXROLE_E1

    25-07-14, 08:52:55 12Variable 'LNCOUNTVAR' is not found. 6792 FIXROLE_E1

    25-07-14, 08:52:57 12Variable 'ROLE' is not found. 6796 FIXROLE_E1

  6. I know Prin1 Suffix (Selected) will do what I want, but that still leaves the options Prin1 Last, first (selected) and Prin1 first last (selected) behaving in different ways than expected. I would expect them to differ only in the order of the first and last names, not in which name they show and whether or not they include the suffix.


    I think I missed a part out of my original message. Matilda Gray married Thomas Dent becoming Matilda Dent (Gray). In my census tag I have selected her name as Matilda Dent.


    If I select Prin1 Last, first (selected) I get Dent, Matilda, (Gray)

    If I select Prin1 first last (selected) I get Matilda Gray


    My expectation would be that I would get Dent, Matilda or Matilda Dent

    Both selections are giving unexpected results.

  7. When a woman marries I enter her maiden name in the Suffix field as -(name)

    I like to run a List of Events report showing census households and I have noticed that when choosing columns if I choose "Prin1 Last, first (selected)" it gives me the name as selected in the tag (in this case showing the maiden name in parenthesis). But if I choose "Prin1 first last (selected)" the maiden name does not show up.


    Anyone else notice this? Is there a reason or is this a bug? I really would like to list these people as first last (selected)

  8. Same thing happening to me - it had gone away with the last upgrade, but seems to be back :(


    Fatal error: Exception code=C0000005 @ 2006.04.28 06:06:15 PM. Error log file: C:\WINDOWS\system32\vfp7rerr.log

    Called from -  tmgmain line 586  {C:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist\tmg\programs\tmgmain.prg c:\program files\the master genealogist\tmg.exe}


    I'm not running Spy Sweeper. Any other fixes?