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Virginia Blakelock

Working chart: Ancestor with siblings, 8-generation

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First screenshot is chart before hand-editing. The second screenshot is of edited chart, with direct lines accented and sibling boxes moved closer to each other. The chart is printed on legal size (8.5x14) paper, landscape orientation. I usually do left-to-right ancestor charts, but I am working on this line from the top down, so right to left is easier to follow.


Legal (8.5 x 14.0) paper, landscape orientation.


Ancestor Box Chart, Report Options


Chart Style:

Orientation: Right to left

Chart Size: 8 generations

Diagram location: 3, 6

Gap between boxes 5, 8


Boxes: 152 pixels

Minimal height: 0

Box fill Color white

Frame: None

Box border: black - 1 pixel



Connector: solid 1 pixel, black

Sibling lines: solid 1 pixel, dark gray



Tahoma, title 9; Names, Data, Manual, 8 R


Background and images - none


Data Types - none



ID Number

Surety: No threshold and Include blank surety

Text Alignment: Left

Places, none

Names, no caps

Miscellaneous: Include siblings, Remove blank lines



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Hi Virginia -


I am now working on this chart - Ancestor with siblings, 8 generations.

It's a great way to show families.


In my TMG data I use the flag Ancestor Interest=1 to identify my direct ancestors, and it works great. I have an accent where the font is green for directs, and everything works. However, when I translate that to VCF & try to get the chart -ancestor with siblings - no accent is shown. I created a custom flag, called My_Ancestors and that worked the first time! But no matter what I try I can't get the Ancestor Interest flag to work. Is there a problem with that flag? I also noticed in your example the first chart had no color, so presumably you colored your ancestors by hand.


Thanks for all the help.


Linda Reinfeld

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Linda -


You have found an old and known bug - apparently related to the space between the words in the flag name. I don't think the Descendant Interest flag will work with chart Accents either. The workaround is to make a custom flag without spaces as you did.


As I recall the working charts are not accented. They are good for practicing hand-coloring.



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