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Zooming in -- Connecting points, lines, ports

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Inspired by Virginia's video on connecting points, lines and ports I did a lot of experimenting in VCF the last several days. Zooming the display up to 800% (% may vary by computer setup?) was very revealing. I could see the 4 ports that make up the connecting point and try connecting to each of the 4 points. [see Robin's reply to Virginia's post.] While I still can't predict exactly what's going to happen, the zoomed-in display makes it easier to try different ports to attempt to improve connecting lines behavior. As in most software, VCF offers more than one way to accomplish a goal, i.e., delete a pesky, green line and replace it with a new line. Please pardon the repeated attempts to make the chart changes, but that's typical of my VCF editing <grin>.


You can find the video here


Below is the "script" that explains what I was trying to show in the video.

[Note: I am abbreviating connecting as "con"]


  1. View > ports
  2. Notice the con-point. If you have a larger chart, notice the location of the con-point related to the vertical and horizontal rulers.
  3. View > zoom custom > 800%
  4. Notice the ports on the boxes and the cluster of 4 ports that make up the con-point.
  5. As each con-line is selected, notice the square gray box at each end of the line and at the angle where the line changes direction.
  6. Each con-line is detached from the con-point, with varying degrees of difficulty. The green con-line would not respond so I deleted it.
  7. Re-attach each con-line. Replaced green con-line with a new line. Changed color of new line to blue to make it easy to see square gray boxes on line.
  8. Showed the overlapping lines by bringing either the blue or the yellow line to the front.
  9. Using the bottom port of the con-point is not always the answer to making the con-lines behave, but it probably works for me more than 50% of the time. <so far!>

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