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I recently started scanning pictures & posting existing pictures to my geni.com site. After about 5 dozen I realized my naming convention wouldn't be a lot of help if I needed to find something. Now I like my naming convention. [date]-[event]-[principles] & I plan to keep it. But even with tagging stuff I foresee problems.

So now my attempts to make every picture a source. And I will need a tag for pics that aren't already part of something like a wedding. I kinda gave up trying sometime in September. Anyone have examples of how they handle pics I could template from?

I'll start with what I already have in TMG & what I was working up to until I gave up.



OK I looks like I gave up without altering anything. I did type up what was in Evidence Explained. I must have gotten frustrated trying to figure out how to enter everything in.





past tense: Img-Newspaper, abbreviation: img., History group

Witness: [WO] had their picture in the paper [D] <[M]>

this is an old sentence. I haven't used it much but it was useful before I had a scanner so I could track that I had pictures of people who I wouldn't otherwise be able to recognize.


I think what I was objecting to most was [sUBJECT] being given prominence in all the source types. I've tried to keep a habit of using ID #'s in the subject field to link people to the source. But for this I would need to mostly abandon that. And what do you put in for a subject for group photo's? Will some be names and others events?

Any thoughts on using the memo field to list the ages of participants? I plan on doing this somehow. It will come in handy for pictures of kids growing up. Having 'age 5 months' on a picture narrows down a date but I think it would be nice to be able to search for pictures of a group of people using a common note like that and so pull baby pics of everyone I can at any specific age without going to each person I want to look at and seeing if there is a pic when each individual was around that age.


TMG will be how I track digital family images. I'm still trying to decide how to cleanly keep them stored IRL. Currently I have scrapbooks, loose photos, pictures in files, a couple hanging on the wall, & I don't know why I put it in that drawer.


Any help appreciated. Especially if you have examples online I can look at.



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