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Virginia Blakelock

Using screen accents in box charts

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See VIDEO here.


The video does not have sound; instructions follow:



- This exercise assumes a predefined Accent based on a Flag. (Only accents based on a Flag can be used in a chart) This Flag/Accent is based on surnames.

- In TMG, Ctrl-A to open the Accent Window

- Set Accent to ON

- Select your predefined accent from the list.

- Apply

- OK


- Select the Box Chart

- Select Options > Boxes > Accents > Define

- On the Chart Accents screen, click the Reset button at the bottom left of the screen.

- Click Yes to the prompt. Your screen accents are now applied to the chart.

- Create chart.



Cheat Sheet for Flag Accents:


Using VCF to add the Flag names to the Accent Definition Screen:


1 - Open the Accent Definition Screen and drag the column headers as in the screenshot.


2 - Make a screenshot (I used free Jing) of the Accent Definition Screen and save as an image file. After you make and save the screenshot, use Cancel to close the Accent Definition Screen and return the columns to their normal positions.


3 - Open a blank chart in VCF. Insert the screenshot on the chart, using the Insert Image icon InsertImageIcon.png. See VIDEO here for the remainder of the steps:


4 - Click on the Text icon to make a label. Set Text box Properties to Tahoma 10; Lines and Fill to Transparent. Font size is flexible and depends on the size of the screenshot.


5 - Enter the Flag name, drag to position on the image.


6 - Make a copy of that text box and move to one side to edit.


7 - Repeat.


8 - At this point there are 10 small boxes overlaid on an Image. They are not fixed in place and will not move together. Control-A to select everything - image plus boxes - rightclick and select Group. This will keep the image and boxes glued together. Save the chart as a .vc2 file, or print it or Export as an Image.



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Clever. Very nice! Keep those ideas coming.


Thanks again, Virginia,

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