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Character Encoding

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Now that I've released GedStar Pro for Android smartphones, I've already run into some dreaded character-code conversion issues. Android uses UTF-8 natively, so I have to encode accented characters, etc. into UTF-8 sequences. I've already solved this for GEDCOM files that are encoded in ANSI format, but for the direct TMG conversion I need to know how TMG stores character data internally.


Since TMG produces valid ANSI GEDCOM files, I think I can assume that it internally uses single-character ANSI, and this is what I would be getting back via the GenBridge interface. I'm also going to assume (for now) that it is for the ISO-8859-1 code page, which will cover all Western European languages, and I doubt I have any users with other requirements at this time.


Am I correct in this assumption? TMG character strings are single-character ANSI codes?

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