I am running 7.04, Gold UK version, on Windows 7 on my Desktop and 7.03, Gold UK version, on XP on a laptop. I have no problems whatsoever with the laptop version.   The Desktop version was running perfectly but has started to produce GOTERM error message on startup in a series of 3 screen message. I choose the ignore option on each message to get TMG to start. I then have to ‘restore’ the project on each opening.   Within TMG if I select reports/list of names (example) with Print Preview option selected I get an Invalid Path or File Name error message, if ignore is selected the print is previewed.   If I select Family Group Sheet option I get Invalid Path or File Name 339.REPORTOBJ.MRRWREPORT error.   The only thing I have done differently recently is to restore a backup from the laptop to the desktop. Could this be the cause of these problems?   So far I have uninstalled TMG from the desktop, then removed all remaining TGM folders from various locations and reinstalled using tmg7setup.exe. On install I do not amend any of the options provided. However, I am still getting the same error messages listed above after installation.   Would appreciate any assistance in resolving above situation.