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  1. Tag Entry Memo Entry

    Cheers Jim, appreciated. For me alone that is 2 little errors that are a real pain and hopefully they will get fixed soon. Are there any more errors like this that V8 TMG Users should no about? If there are why not list them in a single thread like 'V8 Known Bugs' or 'V8.03 fixes'. Cheers again
  2. Tag Entry Memo Entry

    If I enter data in the Memo box of a Tag Entry and then click the Sentence icon the sentence will appear – but not the memo data just entered, even if the sentence has [M] inserted. The only way I can check the full content of the sentence, plus the memo content, is to Save the Tag Entry and then reopen. Is this the correct mode of operation for V8.02?
  3. TMG V8.2 ERRORS with multiple witness entry

    Cheers Jim, appreciated. Will revert to single issue use.
  4. Keep getting a raft of errors when using Multiple Witness option. Tag Type: Address Multiple Witness option selected. Multiple selections from picklist using F8 works OK. Press select on picklist. Double click on any witness and error displays Array dimensions are invalid. 310 SPEWVIEW. Select ignore and Edit Witness form appears. Click Ok and error displays. Array dimensions are invalid. 107 FRAMADDWITNESS.MSAVE Click ignore and error displays. Array dimensions are invalid. 128 FRAMADDWITNESS.MSAVE Click ignore Click OK on Tag Type form but operation is irratic, sometimes it will close other times is will completely freeze. Have used all File Maintenance options – no different. Using single option witness appears to function correctly. Any suggestions? Cheers Rod Edit: Just noticed that even though system locked up 3 Address tags were inserted into TMG.
  5. I had the exact same problems installing V8.2 onto Windows 7 (64 bit). Following topics from top downwards I managed to resolve all issues and eventually get a good install. The only problem I now have is if I run a registry cleaner programme I have installed (ARO 2011) and then open TMG I have to re-insert my unlock code. However, if I ignore the unlock option the load form displays all my current unlock details correctly but TMG V8.2 loads with most menu options greyed out. I am in contact with support trying to resolve this issue.
  6. Descendant Indented Chart - Errors

    Jim, Virginia and Terry. Thank you one and all for the replies, appreciated, and problem now sorted The chart was set for a single individual and I played with the Sort Order because I could not get the chart to list correctly. I had already checked the Sort Dates were correct but completely forgot about the Birth Order Flag. This family has two sets of Twins so I has used the flag previously to set them in the right order, then found 3 more children and did not set the flag for them Flag now set for all children, in correct order, and chart listing as expected. Cheers good people
  7. Trying to produce a 5 generation Descendant Indented Chart but the chart will not list in the correct date order in the 4th generation. I am getting all the individuals I expect in the chart and the list order is correct above and below the element I have posted. I have sort by Birth Date selected but the birth dates for the bottom group are before the birth dates in the top group. Am I correct in thinking that the bold under lined individuals at the bottom should appear before the bold italic individuals at the top? Any suggestions would be most welcome. | \-- John Deller (4), b. 16 Aug 1874 at Rickling, ESS, d. before 22 Sep 1942 | +Emily Lavina Sheppard (6), b. 27 Jun 1875 at Brixton, SRY, m. 18 Nov 1899 at Fulham, LND, d. 21 Oct 1909 at Fulham, LND | |-- Harry Leonard Deller (11), b. 27 May 1900 at Hammersmith, LND | | +Bertha Maude Irene Snelling (425), b. circa 1902, m. 25 Dec 1928 at Fulham, LND | |-- Walter John Deller (10), b. 27 May 1900 at Hammersmith, LND, d.23 Jun 1904 at Chiswick, LND | |-- Florence Ida Deller (84), b. 7 Nov 1908 at Fulham, LND | |-- Reginald Charles Deller (2), b. 7 Nov 1908 at Fulham, LND, d. 5 Jan 1976 at Southampton, HAM | | +Dorothy Joan Hann (3), b. 1920 | | |-- Malcolm Deller (17), b. 1943 | | |-- Raymond Deller (18), b. 1944 | | |-- Gillian Rose Deller (19), b. 1945 | | |-- Rodney Deller (1), b. 1947 | | |-- Susan Margaret Deller (22), b. 1948 | | |-- Barry Deller (21), b. 1950 | | \-- Trevor Deller (20), b. 1954 | |-- Elsie Margaret Deller (399), b. Jul 1902 at London, MDX, d. 19 May 1904 at Chiswick, LND | |-- George Edward Deller (394), b. 28 Sep 1903 at Chiswick, MDX, d.6 Jun 1904 at Chiswick, LND | \-- Cecil Edmund Deller (400), b. 7 Jan 1905 at Fulham, LND | +Rose Lester (422), b. circa 1905, m. 25 Dec 1927 at Fulham, LND |-- Joseph Dellow (102), bap. 13 Dec 1829 at Rickling, ESS, d. Mar 1900 at Harlow, ESS
  8. GOTERM error message on V7.04

    Cheers Robert, appreciated, but it appears, at the moment anyway, the problems I was having were linked to the previous GOTERM problem as they have disappeared I am aware of the 64-bit problems and restore to my laptop version if I need to print etc, but that does not happen that often. However, if I do encounter any more problems this is the first place I will look, search or ask for an answer. Like you, and probably many other TMG Users, I hope the release of TMG 8 is imminent. I am currently looking around for other options 'just in case', but finding something with similar capabilities as TMG is proving a touch difficult
  9. GOTERM error message on V7.04

    I have managed to resolve the GOTERM issue by following the Data_paths.txt in Customising Data File Storage in the Help system. TMG now remembers and can load the last project Will now tackle the print error problems I encounter, so I maybe back for some help on that IDC Thanks to one and all for your assistance, I am not the brightest candle in the cathedral when it comes to computers, but I do try
  10. GOTERM error message on V7.04

    I have a HP Touch Smart 600-1030UK PC,with Inter Core ™2 duo CPU T6400 @ 2.00Ghs with a 64-bit operating system. I hope that is what you mean?
  11. GOTERM error message on V7.04

    Jim, you will have to explain that requirement in a bit more detail as it does not mean a great deal to me Where do I look to find this out?
  12. GOTERM error message on V7.04

    Jim/Glenn Thanks for the response gents but you will have to be gentle, not very good at this file system bit and after reading Data File Storage now totally confused. This is what I have: The startup Icon on the desktop has Target: "C:\Program Files (x86)\The Master Genealogist v7\tmg7.exe" Start in: "C:\Program Files (x86)\The Master Genealogist v7" In TMG under Preferences/Options/Programme Options/ General C:\Users\Rod Deller\Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Projects\ In TMG under Preferences/Options/Current Programme Options General: C:\Users\Rod Deller\Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Projects\ DellerFamily__.PJC Advanced Options Backups: C:\Users\Rod Deller\Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Backups\ Configuration Files: C:\Users\Rod Deller\Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Configuration_files\ Exhibit Folder: C:\Users\Rod Deller\Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Exhibits\ Export: C:\Users\Rod Deller\Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Export\ Repeat Files: C:\Users\Rod Deller\Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Repeat_files\ Report Output: C:\Users\Rod Deller\Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Report_output\ Slideshow: C:\Users\Rod Deller\Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Slideshow\ Timelines: C:\Users\Rod Deller\Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Timelines\ That is all the places I could find that have file path associations. So gents what do I have to change?
  13. I am running 7.04, Gold UK version, on Windows 7 on my Desktop and 7.03, Gold UK version, on XP on a laptop. I have no problems whatsoever with the laptop version. The Desktop version was running perfectly but has started to produce GOTERM error message on startup in a series of 3 screen message. I choose the ignore option on each message to get TMG to start. I then have to ‘restore’ the project on each opening. Within TMG if I select reports/list of names (example) with Print Preview option selected I get an Invalid Path or File Name error message, if ignore is selected the print is previewed. If I select Family Group Sheet option I get Invalid Path or File Name 339.REPORTOBJ.MRRWREPORT error. The only thing I have done differently recently is to restore a backup from the laptop to the desktop. Could this be the cause of these problems? So far I have uninstalled TMG from the desktop, then removed all remaining TGM folders from various locations and reinstalled using tmg7setup.exe. On install I do not amend any of the options provided. However, I am still getting the same error messages listed above after installation. Would appreciate any assistance in resolving above situation.
  14. Back up v7

    Thanks for the reply Jim, appreciated. I can live with the problem for now, at least I can back-up my data, that was my main concern, and it took a few days of trial and error to be able to achieve that. Lots of desk thumping and 'blue air' eminating from the room I use as an office. I think idividuals should be aware of the potential problem, and this is an ideal medium to do that. It is frustrating because if you do not 'de-tick' the option TMG closes down and you then have to reopen and go through the process again. Hopefully, as you say, the issue(s) will be resolved in V7.04.
  15. Back up v7

    Not wanting to start a new post on an existing subject have 'hijacked' this post. Often come in and have a read but this is my first post. Very recently upgraded to V7.03 and I am getting the same error as detailed above on back-up i.e. 'Input file read failure - This error occurs when a file read operation is performed on a Zip file that is locked or restricted by another process. The back-up is to my hard drive ©, not an external one, and I use the default settings on back-up. At stage 3 - options, if 'external exibits' is selected I get the above error, if I de-select this option the project backs-up. I do have exhibits and they are all linked externally, but I use a different folder to the default specified. The folder I use is a 'tree type', by surname, system. In Preferences/Advance/Exhibit Folders I have navigated and selected the top level of this folder stsyem. However, even if I use the default folder setting I still get the same problem. I used this 'tree type' folder set-up on V6 without any problems. Any advice on resolving this problem would be most welcome. Rod