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Importing GEDCOM in Windows XP

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I am having trouble importing a GEDCOM file. I have seen and followed your help piece on the Uni code issue which it appears to be, but am not sure if I am doing something wrong.

I open the .ged file in notebook as suggested, then save as with "all files" and "ANSI" but it saves it as a .text file and TMG cannot open it with the message that it does not appear valid PJC file.

Can you help - I am not really TEC savy?

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The gedcom file should have the .ged file extension. You can rename the file and just change the extension from .txt to .ged. Use Import - not Open - to bring the gedcom file into TMG.




Thanks Virgniia - I meant notepad not notebook - lgad you understood. I think I was trying to open it - instead of importing - it now works!

Thanks again

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