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Virginia Blakelock

v8: Color-coordinate FGS and VCF

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With the new ability in v8 to use color accents in reports, it is easy to color coordinate reports and VCF charts (see the examples in the first screenshot below). The second screenshot is of the Report Options screen (Miscellaneous tab) showing how to select your pre-existing custom color or create a new color by entering the Red-Green-Blue values in the appropriate boxes. The FGS examples in the first screenshot use 1-pixel dark gray lines, Tahoma 9 font throughout, no page numbers, no graphic lines top or bottom.


Forum4Dec_2.jpg ColorLookupTable.jpg


In the FGS below, the font is Comic Sans 9 throughout, with 1 pixel black lines. As with the examples above, to add white space within the table, use the report options for no page numbers and no graphics lines top or bottom.




For more color ideas, see the recent 'Crayola Colors' thread.


If you have a black and white printer, try these settings for the FGS in the screenshot below:

Graphics line, top and bottom: None

Page number location: None - no page number

Font: Tahoma, 9, R - for all font options

Misc: Border lines and interior lines: Black, 1 pixel (or alternately dark/light gray 1 pixel)

Misc: Shaded areas: Light gray with slider moved up to 238 RGB to further lighten the gray.





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