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Virginia Blakelock

Create and Save a Chart - the basics

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1 - Open Sample Project.

2 - Ctrl - I ('Ctrl-eye' is shortcut for 'Search for ID') > enter 11 > click OK.

3 - Click on Report and select Ancestor Box Chart.

4 - For the purposes of this exercise, set the report to its default configuration by clicking the Delete button under the configuration name and replying Yes (in v7). In v8 there is a button 'Reset Defaults'.

5 - Click Create Chart. See the first screenshot for the options we've used so far.

6 - Your chart should look like the second screenshot..


Basics_1 AM.png Basics_2.png


6 - Click File > Save As. Accept the defaults. Note that the chart file type is the default 'Visual Chartform Files', with the extension .vc2. Look for this .vc2 extension when you are opening a saved chart file for editing. Click Save.




7 - Close the VCF window and close TMG.



1 - Go to the Windows Start button at the lower left of your desktop window.

2 - Under All Programs, navigate to The Master Genealogist v7 (or v8).

3 - Click on The Master Genealogist v7 and look for the Visual Chartform icon with the chart on it (last on list).

4 - Rightclick on that icon and select Send to Desktop (create shortcut).

5 - Close the Start menu.



1 - Click on the VCF icon on your desktop to open VCF

2 - Click on File on the menu

3 - Recent saved charts are listed. Click on Ancestors of Delilah Woods to open your chart.






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a footnote:


Some usual Winows processes in opening a .VC2 file in VCF don't work as expected on _some_ operating systems.


1) If you find a .VC2 listed in Windows Explorer, then double clicking that entry will open VCF with a blank screen, that is, it opened the right package but did not open the file within it. You need to use the File > Open navigation to actually open the file.


2) If you have VCF window already open, then click on the .VC2 entry in Windows Explorer then drag that entry to the VCF window, the file will not open the chart in VCF.

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