The instructions given in the Printing Charts Section of Visual Chartform (VCF) Notes by Douglas Hill, published on the Ottawa TMG Users Group web site were written in 2008 for earlier Windows Operating Systems the instructions for setting up PDFCreator have changed for newer operating systems.

To locate the original article go to the Articles and Presentations page scroll down to 2008 and locate Visual Chartform (VCF) Notes, by Douglas Hill (June 2008)

The South King County Genealogical Society (SKCGS) - TMG User Group developed revised instructions for Windows 7 based on Douglas Hill's article.

Update-Printing-Charts.pdf 20 May 2013 Adding a note that these instructions are written specifically for use with PDFCreator and may NOT work with other programs that create PDFs. 31 May 2014 Fixed broken text colors in 20 May 2013 edit. 23 Aug 2015 This article has not been reviewed since May 2012 your mileage may vary.