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Program Error: "Record is out of range" on reports

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I have just started getting the above error on all reports which use the "built-in" viewer. The message box appears after the processing, just at the point where the viewer window should open.


Clicking "Ignore" gives me what looks like the correct data.


Saving the same report to a file produces the expected results without comment, so it appears to be the report viewer tool which is the problem area.


The reports have been in use for many months now, some in use many times a day (including this morning!).


I've been through all combinations of "Validate file integrity" and "Optimise", "CHKDSK" and restarting without improvement.


No patches have been applied this week.


Any idea where this is coming from?

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I have managed to clear this by:


1. Full uninstallation of TMG8 (repair made no difference)

2. Enabling the "administrator" account (with my admin-equivalent account the installer hung).

3. Log on as Administrator

4. Install TMG8 for all users.

5. Start TMG and fill in the licence details.

6. Open Sample account and generate a report

7. Log off

8. Log on as usual user and run TMG as normal.

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