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TMG V7 Will Not Start: Missing MSVCR71.dll

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After being unsuccessful several times in opening TMG V7 and getting the above message shown in the title, I did a search on my hard drive. I found 25 instances of that .dll file, but none of them seem to be in the correct place for TMG to find it. It has been a while since I opened TMG and it is possible that, for some stupid reason, I thought it was a duplicate file and erased it.


The most stupid part is that I cannot find my original TMG DVD. Is there any way just to get hold of that .dll file?

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I'm using Windows Vista.


I followed the instructions, and I am now able to get into my V7. However, it still is being strange. When I start it up, I get the "Unlock the trial version" screen. If I click on the "unlock" button, it asks for all my info (including the s/n). Then if I click "cancel" on that screen, or if I click the "close" button on the earlier screen, the front splash screen then appears. It says (expired trial version), but a serial number does show in the lower portion of the screen. Then it takes me into the program with no further problems. I do not know if I can make changes or additions.


BTW, do you think upgrading to V8 will clear this up? That's my longer-term intention, anyway.

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