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Sentence & Report variables

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I've got a chart I run for a few families and would like the title to reflect the Husband & Wife. Right now I use [?] and type in ,William & Rose Eisenhauer, or whoever else heads the chart. If I used [P] (or was that [F]) I would get William Eisenhauer. Is there on reports a code like [PAR] will get you parents except be husband & wife?


2nd question:

[RF:Subject] appeared in a photograph <[D]>< [L]> gets me "Lonnie appeared in a photograph on 24 Dec 2012." on the primary person & "Lonnie, Marilyn, Mark, Bill, Julie and Kathy appeared in a photograph on 24 Dec 2012." on the witnesses. The role for all of them is Subject. Can I set it so each person just has their name or everyone's sentence has everyone's name?

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