GEDCOM export wizard Step 5: Option screen 1 (Inserted between [ ] ID Numbers and [ ] Memos) [ ] Enhanced GEDCOM tag export (see Help) This option has been tested with RootsMagic 6 and Legacy 8. In addition, a utility has been developed to do some additional post-processing of GEDCOMs created using this export option to further facilitate import into RootsMagic. As alternatives to this, direct import of TMG data sets by RootsMagic 6 and by Family Historian 5 have been released and direct import by Legacy 8 is under development. %%%%%%%%%% The following is from GEDCOM Export help... Enhanced GEDCOM tag export (see Help) When selected, a number of additions are made to the GEDCOM export. Unless explicitly mentioned below, none of the conditions regarding what data is exported to a GEDCOM file are changed whether or not this option is selected. For example, for a TMG tag with two Principals to be exported as a GEDCOM family record, the two principals still must be married or must be the parents of one of more children (or both). 1. Address and Telephone tags will be exported. When Address tags have the GEDCOM export selection set to ADDR, the tags will be exported as: 1 _ADDR When Telephone tags have the GEDCOM export selection set to PHON, the tags will be exported as: 1 _PHON 2. When Note tags have the GEDCOM export selection set to NOTE, dates will be exported as: 2 _DATE date 3. When Name tags have dates, the dates will be exported as: 2 _DATE date For some import programs, this will need to be edited to 2 DATE after export in order for the date data to be recognized as dates upon import. 4. Sort dates will be exported following the DATE and _DATE tags. 2 DATE date 2 _SDATE sort date 5. Other witnesses (those individuals not linked to tags as Principals) will be exported as follows: 1 CENS
2 DATE date
2 _SHAR @I2@
3 ROLE Witness 3 NOTE witness memo
2 _SHAR @I3@
3 ROLE Witness 3 NOTE witness memo
2 _SHAR @I4@
3 ROLE Witness 3 NOTE witness memo The rolename will be whatever rolename the other witness is using when exported. 6. When Surety output is selected, a new line will be added following the QUAY tags with all of the TMG surety data for the citation. 3 QUAY 3
3 NOTE {TMG Surety 3.12.} The values will reflect the values currently assigned to the citation. Periods will be used as filler values for blank surety values. 7. The repository ADDR tag (the repository Detail field) will be duplicated with a ADR1 tag as follows: 1 ADDR address 2 ADR1 address 8. The memo text for Caste, Descriptn, Education, Occupation, and Religion events is exported on the CAST, DSCR, EDUC, OCCU and RELI GEDCOM tag lines respectively. If the memo text is excessively long, it will be clipped and the clipped part lost since importing programs typically add the text to a limited length Description field. To prevent the text loss, when the memo length exceeds 90 characters, the memo text will be moved to a NOTE tag subordinate to the CAST, DSCR, EDUC, OCCU, or RELI tag. After import, the text will be in the event note field and the description field will be empty. These event tags will require post-import cleanup; however, no text will be lost. TMG doesn't have a default Property tag type. However if a user has added a Property tag type and the tag type has been set to export as the GEDCOM PROP tag, this provision for lengthy memos also has been implemented for that tag. GEDCOM export recommendations 1. Set the GEDCOM export option for Address, Note, and Telephone tags to 1 EVEN 2 TYPE. That will insure that all data for these tags including dates and citations are exported. They will then be imported as custom events. 2. Use the List of People report to change all Ancestor Interest (ANCI) and Descendant Interest (DESI) flags to 0 before export. Use a copy of your project to do this if these flags are useful to you in TMG. This removes a lot of the clutter from the post-import .LST file in other programs after import. 3. Set the GEDCOM line length to the maximum line length of 246. This minimizes data loss for GEDCOM tags where CONT is not allowed or is limited to only one CONT line. %%%%%%%%%% The export configuration file used for testing this new feature with v9.04 is attached. If you want to discuss this topic, see...