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E Wilcock

Back up of data on paper?

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At some point this autumn, a user provided useful details of regularly outputting a report to serve as a back up of all TMG data.


I would like to recover these instructions and to ask more guidance. But at the time I was away and not subscribed to lists.


I have failed to locate the post on TMG and TMG-Refugees lists on Roots web or on this Forum.


To the best of my memory the suggestion was to output to pdf a Person Report showing Everything for Everyone.


Please could someone tell me how one should set up such a report to make sure one has everything about everyone from a TMG project - I do not think this is the default for a Person Report.


I am not concerned with the screen appearance nor outside exhibits, only data I have entered in TMG.


I should also welcome other suggestions - if anyone has a better idea. But I am worried that I cannot retrieve this personal account from one user which seemed to me extremely useful.


With apologies for my own failure over this.

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Evelyn -


The Individual Detail, Individual Narrative, Family Group Sheet all have the option to create the report for everyone in the project. There are probably other reports that do the same thing. You will want to set the report options to include all tags and sources - and experiment with the various reports to see what best fits your needs.



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