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Corrupt word output Pedigree chart Windows 10

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My pedigree chart output does not open in Word 2013 under Windows 10.

I am using TMG 9.05.


"A table in this document has become corrupted"


I reinstalled "repaired" TMG 9.05 without joy.


A journal report to Word opens in Word 2013 just fine.


Any suggestions?





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JeffM -


Did you use the doc file type in Word? In TMG Help for the Pedigree Report:


Note: If you are using Microsoft Word 2013, you should choose the Rich Text Format (RTF) file type to save the report rather than the Microsoft Word (DOC) file type. This tabular report is not compatible with the table structure used in Microsoft Word 2013.


As I recall there were 3 tabular reports in TMG which showed this problem.



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