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E Wilcock

Filter error message?

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I should be grateful for help. I have not made much use of the powerful filters on TMG.


But today working from the pick list I encountered problems in filtering. This may be down to my inexperience.


In the first line of the filter, asking for all people descended from a numbered individual I got the error message. "Alias SS2 is not found."


If I added another condition the filter appeared to operate in as much as one could see on screen the number of individuals found, but there was then a further error message.



Other error messages were x Alias name is already in use




Plus if I do try a filter, the button to clear it is often greyed out and it is hard to clear and to get my full pick list backagain.


I tried the same using a different project and the errors were present.

But when I tried filtering within a report, a list of people (as described in a recent thread, since I too wanted to find people with no birth dates) the filter worked.


I am using the latest edition of TMG on Windows 7 64 bit.


I am not very good at copying out long error messages, but I hope someone may throw some light on what is happening?


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