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Bug in "Copy Person(s)" function

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I would like to report an "unreproducible" but often occuring bug in TMG 9.05. If I add children to an existing family using the sequence: "Add" -> "Copy Person(s)" with an exising child, it sometimes works straightforward. However, sometimes after adapting the first name and birthdate of the new child, an unexpected refresh of the window shows the new child with different parents. I then have to change the parents manually to fix the bug. After such an error I once optimized the data set ("File" -> "Maintenace" -> "Optimize") and ended up in a situation where TMG was unable to open the project because of a missing file. I had to restore the project but oviously lost the data entered since the last backup.

For these reasons I now enter new children systematically using the "Add new Person" button. It takes mor mouseckicks but I have never had problems this way.


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