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Accessing a project over a home network

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Howdy, folks, it's great to see that there is still a substantial user base for TMG.  

I have long used TMG 9.05 on both a desktop computer and a laptop, using the backup/restore method to move a project from one machine to the other and then back again.  

If possible, I would like to leave the data project on my desktop computer but access and edit it sometimes from my laptop, eliminating the hassle.  The desktop runs Windows 10 and the laptop runs Windows 8.  Please note that I can edit a local project with either machine;  the problem I am having is only in trying to edit a project across the network.  I've verified that all the files in the project directory are not labelled Read-only.  I'm not using any third-party virus or firewall protection.  

From my laptop, I opened the project by using File --> Open Project and navigating to the project file located on my desktop via the network.  So far so good, it opens and I can navigate, etc.  

But I discovered after a bit of experimentation that none of my edits were being saved.  I can edit a tag, for example, changing a date and adding a citation, but after saving and closing the tag, when I open it up again, the changes are not there.  The Last Edited Date does not change.  Ditto creating a new person.  It's as if I'm in Read-Only mode, only there are no grayed-out functions and no warnings or error messages.  

Do I need to change the data paths text configuration file, or some other configuration, such as in Preferences -->  Current Project Options --> Advanced   where all the paths still point to C:\  ?  As an experiment I tried removing the local copy of the project, and although I got a startup message that my exhibits folder didn't exist (a subdirectory of the specific project directory), nothing else changed as far as I can tell.  Do I need to adjust something with sharing or Windows Firewall/Defender/whatever they're calling it these days?  


As an aside, I think I have just inadvertently discovered one of the risks of accessing a project over a network.  While writing this message using my desktop computer, I closed the laptop (right here beside me) to put it to sleep while I was working here (to save battery life).  When I opened it up again  to verify something, I tried to close the project, but got this error message:  

Error reading file \\path\projectname_n.dbf  8 APPOBJECT.MSAVEINI

Aborting and retrying didn't fix it, but when I ignored it I could close the project.  (Since it won't save any changes there's little likelihood that anything was actually corrupted, but I'll Validate File Integrity here on my desktop just to be sure.)    

So it looks like there's a risk of data corruption if the network connections are interrupted, such as by the laptop going to sleep, or perhaps the wireless connection being disrupted, or something like that.  (I also understand that I'll have to be careful not to accidentally open the project at the same time from both machines.)

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