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Barbara Grempler

Why do I get a ?/F or ?/M on my Family Group Sheets?

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Why do I get a ?/F or ?/M on my Family Group Sheets?

Applies to: TMG


Answer: The ?/F or ?/M on the Family Group Sheet in front of each child's entry is because the Birthorder Flag has not been set for those individuals.


This can be remedied in two ways:


The first way is to go back and manually set the Birthorder Flag for every individual in your database. This will cause the ? to change to a number indicating the birthorder of the children. This is not recommended as it is almost impossible to know the birth order of all of the individuals you have found.


The Birthorder Flag is normally used only when you know the birthorder but not the birth dates.


The recommended way:

TMG 4 and earlier: Go to the Options 2 tab on the Report Definition Screen and turn off the option Birthorder of children in the Misc: area of the screen.


TMG 5: Report Definition Screen > Options > Miscellaneous Tab > de-select Birthorder of Children


This will eliminate the ?/ part of the output and only the sex of the child will remain.

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