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Donald Joseph Schulteis

Schulteis, Donald - "The Omnibus Portal"

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This is a four framed site with fixed headers.


The “Omnibus Portal” is a collection of some 25 sub-sites 14 of which were created by Second Site using information maintained by TMG. The sub-sites are manually integrated into one overall site. In addition to four genealogical sub-sites, there are sub-sites on cemetery, land patent, census information, county marriages, county births, veterans, church histories many of which are maintained in TMG and prepared by Second Site. A number are manually created and maintained.




The site contains information on four family lines, Schulteis-Siegl-Ott-Wolf most going back to the 1600s. Basic vital Information is provided on deceased members of these families. The information is limited to simple birth, marriage, death and burial facts as in where and when. Almost all the information has been primary cited.


The “Omnibus Portal” also contains community historical information on Washington County, Wisconsin, USA, the community of Germantown, and a history of St. Boniface and St. Mary parishes. Pictures are very much in evident and set the scene for the story told.


The overall object of this site is to provide information so others can link to these family lines. Subsequent discourse hopefully will expand information and the lines. This has proven very beneficial as eight cousins, five in Europe and three in the United States have identified themselves.


The community related information is of two forms, first is provided an overview both in words and in pictures of the early times from 1840 to 1920. Second is provided information to assist other researchers who have an interest in the time period, and in this area, as in lists of books and microfilm which address the area, community identifications over time, and the like.


It is said that it is better to give than to receive. The “Omnibus Portal” tries to uphold this principal.

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