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Help with tag transfer to Chartform

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:unsure: Can anyone help me produce a chart with both birth and christening dates and places to Chartform. I have listed the tags I wish to use when making a descendant chart, but it appears that because christening is a birth group my request is ignored and I just get a space where it should be. Can anyone help

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This is an on-going confusion about tags, their groups and choice of which to make primary.


The answer is that TMG/VCF doesn't have a simple way that will handle this without the user doing extra data entry.


Firstly, you need to add a new custom tag in the Other group, say "Baptised" to distinquish it from "Baptism".


Now you can enter (or re-enter the baptism or christening) data here. This tag can be used as one selected in the VCF Chart Options; Data Types tab.


The rub with the way the Birth Group works can be seen in the following sequence:

(1) First you enter a Baptism event for a person in the Baptism tag (in the Birth Group) as you want this date to be a surrogate of the real birth date (and hence become the primary Birth Group event),


(2) Later, you find a record for the actual Birth date that you enter as a Birth tag in the the Birth Group and then change this tag to be the primary in the Birth Group.


(3) This means that the previous Baptism tag is no longer primary and cannot be output on a VCF chart.


(4) Now *re-enter* the Baptism event as a custom Baptised tag in the Other Group (unfortunately TMG will not allow you to change the group of a tag or re-assign it to another tag in another group). This new tag can be output on the VCF chart.


If you enter both tags Baptism and Baptised for each person for which I had that event, then for persons _without_ a Birth tag, the VCF chart will show the same information twice once from "Birth* Group" and then in the "Baptised *" lines.


To overcome this problem (in the way TMG's GROUP primary system works) I have previously suggested that there should be a GROUP PRIMARY indicator for each of the Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce and Burial groups *AND* a tag LABEL PRIMARY indicator (in the Other Group, there is only a LABEL PRIMARY and no GROUP PRIMARY). With such a dual system, it would be possible to select two lines of output for a chart "Birth*" and "Baptism*" but not "Birth* Group" to get the result that you and many others would like to have on charts.


I hope this clears the air.

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