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I like to produce and save descendant charts with additional edited text and linked boxes.


As my tree grows and additional descendants are validated, I produce a new chart to show my new relations. However these new charts do not include my notes from previously saved versions.


Q. How can I ensure that any existing manual adjustments to a chart can be incorporated within a newly updated chart?


At the moment I am copying and pasting. Very time consuming. :angry:


Any help would be appreciated.

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The short answer is that there is no way to re-incorporate edits on a previous version of the "same" chart unless those edits are capable of being expressed in the TMG project and then output appropriately in a newly generated chart.


The saved VC2 file of the old chart contains the graphics of your edits, but does not differentiate between what VCF generated and what you edited. There is no way to separately save just your edits in a separate file that you can import and apply to a new chart. (I doubt that you could make this work sensibly without a complex user interface to allow the user to apply some edits and not others, etc. This is the problem of merging two databases. I doubt that it would be worth Wholly Genes spending the time to develop a feature to serve an infrequent request.)

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