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Parker 2006

VCF export to JPG drops Background image

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I successfully generated an Ancestor Chart with a background image underlayed. It displays great on the screen. Then I exported the whole to a JPG file. That also went great and I liked the result. Then I went back and tweeked the font size slightly. The Ancestor Chart still generates great on screen, but when I try to EXPORT it to a JPG or Bitmap file the background image disappeared. I tried everything, including uninstalling TMG and re-installing it. After re-installation it again allows me once to export successfully, and every subsequent attempt fails. What am I doing wrong? Is there a known bug/bug fix on this?

I did some more experimenting and found that VCF will perform normally and perform the export with Background up to 7 generations. If I go to 8- or more Generations the background is being displayed on screen, but the Export function will drop the background image. It looks to me that the VCF-Export function has a buffer-overrun bug when larger charts are processed...

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