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Lindsay Graham

Wish list: Divorce in Descendant Indented Chart

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My first post, so I hope this is the best place to post wish list items -- please tell me if there's a better place.


I find the DIC a very useful chart (although I do need to do quite a lot of editing in Word, particularly to fix the annoying wordwrap problem). However, I'd really like the report to be able to include Divorces in the output, indeed that seems to me to be a logical inclusion and I wonder why it was not included from the outset. For example, where there are multiple marriages, this shows how/when the earlier marriages ended. And for single marriages that ended long before the partners died, this would show what had happened.


This suggestion has been made several times on the TMG-L mailing list, but my searches could not find it anywhere on this forum.


Do others agree? Is it feasible that WG can include this option in a future upgrade?

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