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Master Place List and Events Bug

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Here are some excerpts from the TMG-L Archives which describe the problem.


>Michael wrote:


>It appears to happen every time. In the MPL list, I highlight an entry that

>needs work and click EVENT. This pulls up the list of Events associated

>with that Place. I highlight an Event and click EDIT. That opens the

>specific Event Tag. I edit the Event Tag and Close out of it and the Event

>list. This puts me back in the MPL list. Back in the MPL list, I get no

>response to any attempts to navigate the MPL list. TMG will only let me

>close out of the MPL screen.


>FYI, I am using TMG7 with Windows Vista Ultimate. I did not have this

>problem in version 6.12


I responded:




>I know I have had this problem before perhaps an early version of 6.x. The work around is to click on the EDIT button and then cancel the edit. You can then select >another place without exiting the MPL. Another thing I notice is that after clicking on EVENTS and saving an event tag and returning to the MPL list I get the Vista rotating >circle indicating the program is running. I have to move the circle off the bottom of the screen and back to get the arrow which allows me to proceed.


>Bill Richards


A search of the older achives turned up the following for TMG 6.08


>From: "Joanne Skelton" <jskelton@oip.net>

>Subject: Master Place List and Events

>Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 08:54:03 -0700


>From the Master Place List: When I want to check where I have used a

>certain place, I highlight the place and then click on Events and another

>window opens which shows where that place was used. After I close that

>events window, I am unable to click on another place to highlight it. I

>have to click on some other button, like Edit, close that window, before I

>can highlight another place.


>Is that what is supposed to happen?


>Joanne Skelton


Hopefully this bug can be put to bed in the next update of TMG.


Bill Richards

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