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TMG-related web sites


Allen Mellen's TMG Resource Page

Tips, census forms

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Cyndi's List of TMG-related links

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet.

  • 10,476 Hits

Diana Begeman's TMG Example Page

Recording Census Data

  • 9,287 Hits

Hade Mugie's web site

Tips for Dutch (and other) users.

  • 8,230 Hits

John Cardinal's TMG Companion Programs

Includes Second Site, John Cardinal's TMG Utilities, On This Day, and Mocakebi.

  • 9,025 Hits

Lee Hoffman's TMG Tips Page

Many TMG resources, TMG v5.0 Tips and Suggestions, tutorials.

  • 10,179 Hits

Teresa Ghee Elliott's TMG Sentences Page

Customizing sentences, abbreviations, and other tips

  • 9,192 Hits

Terry Reigel's TMG Tips Page

Over 50 articles on understanding and using TMG, covering beginning, intermediate, and advanced topics.

  • 10,717 Hits

The Roots Users Group (RUG) of Arlington, Virginia

Newsletter, workshops, tips.

  • 8,374 Hits

Torleif Haugødegård's web site

Norwegian language web site with sample reports, demo project files, timelines, screenshots, links etc.

  • 7,888 Hits

United Kingdom TMG User's Group (TMG-UK) web site

UK Source Templates.

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