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  1. Custom Marriage Tag

    Jim, You can do the same thing by using the age variable in the sentence in place of your memo. This way you don't have to input anything TMG automatically figures out the age for you. [P] married<, at age [A],> [PO]<, age [AO]> <[PARO]> <[D]> <[L]> <by the [R:Minister]> <[M]> I've also chosen to use roles for the Minister as the same Minister typically performs more that one type of service within a given area. This way I can see all the services that a Minister performs such as Funerals, Marriages and Baptisms. I then use the memo field for extra details that I may want to include. Kevin Dayton, OH http://www.scholderer.org
  2. Is the SUBJECT element suppose to act like the AUTHOR element when you include commas in the field? Thanks, Kevin
  3. SUBJECT vs. AUTHOR source element

    OK, so normal author I've always used the author field, but in the subject field if you have a long string of text / names, you should not use commas. I solved my problem by using the subject field with the name only and the additional information in a LOCATION element. Is there a listing anywhere that tells the various behavior of each field? Thanks again for your help!! Kevin
  4. Weinland, Robert

    Excellent web site. This is very nicely done and very clean!! Thank you for sharing!!! We may have to talk about Alsace-Lorraine sometime in a historical context. Kevin Sholder
  5. Sholder, Kevin

    Stepping Stones Genealogy Ancestors and descendants of Christian August Scholderer (Sholder) 1807 - 1874; from Degerloch, Kingdom of Wuerttemberg (present day Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany) to Lycoming County, Pennsylvania in 1832. Other features include various other Scholderer families from Wuerttemberg, settlers of Blooming Grove in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania and descendants of Herman Op den Graef (Updegraff). http://www.kevin-sholder.net/genealogy/