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  1. Hi All: Been a long time since I have been on here - you all know how life gets in the way of things that you actually want to do !!! 1: Prune and Trim (not sure that is a good description, but here goes!!) I have a long lost cousin who has some info that I want to import and then add to my file and export back to her. She has no use for my wife's extended family or other extended families, so I want to do a specific "focus group" that includes spouses and children and grandchildren. I tried the focus group, but it only picked out 32 entries, and there are about/ around 100 in that branch. I have read through the help file a couple of times, but got lost and so I am asking here. I think that there may be a simple set of items to ask for, but I am unsure where to go. Also I would like to make up a couple of different files from the 1 file that I have now. Need to split my wife's family and my family into 2 files for easier use and maintance. Currently I have over 8000 entries between the 2 families and things are getting ugly. Pointers on how I can split things up would be appreciated. It also makes it easier to share info with her family or mine, since the other side although courious about in-laws does not need the extra data. 2: 2nd item Exhibts: I went through my exibit pictures the other day and after 8 hours of sorting them into "family group" sub directories, today when I did a reindex it threw all of them back into the original "Exhibts" directory. I find it is so much easier to keep the exhibit pictures sorted if I do subs for - my grandparents and decendants - my wife's family - inlaws on either side. All lumped together in a single directory gets to be a bit much to say the least when you are looking for a specific picture or file. Any idea how I can fix this and get back to how it was sorted (the directories I created are still there) and make it so it does not happen again? If I should ask these questions in 2 topics - let me know. Just looking for experienced advice from the forums. Thank you