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  1. TMG to the Bitter End

    If I have to, I will run Windows 7 in a virtual machine just to run TMG on. I figure I can do that forever
  2. On a new computer running Windows 7 x64. Need to install TMG. I downloaded the install file but I can't run it. Here's the error I get: Could not initialize installation. File size expected=46552735, size returned=46487199. I tried to use this setup.exe in XP mode as well. I get the same error. Could someone else download the current setup.exe and see if they get this error? I think there is a corrupt file on the server, but I'm just not sure at this point. Thanks, Matt
  3. Bad tmg7setup.exe?

    Finally found the issue and got a good download. Strange issue. Even though this has nothing to do with TMG, I'm going to put this out there for Jim's benefit. I was choosing a DFS share on one of my servers as my save location. (One runs Windows Server 2008 and the other 2003 R2) Firefox was downloading the file directly to the share. You could tell this by the appearance of a .part file in the directory upon starting the download. The size of the file upon completion was different every time I tried it. Sometimes it was only off a few bytes and other times by as much as 60 KB. Using IE 8 it worked fine because IE downloads to a temp directory on the machine your using and then upon completion of the download moves the file to the directory you chose. Also Firefox works correctly if downloading to the local machine. I'm not sure if this is an issue with Firefox, or if it could be a problem with my AV solution on the servers (F-Prot) not playing nicely with DFS replication. At any rate it sure isn't a problem with TMG, but I thought I'd throw this out there for you Jim in case you ever run into this in the future. I'm glad this happened because I need to find out if it is a problem with my AV and DFS. If I have a problem there, I need to either find a solution or change to another AV program. I really hope that isn't the case because F-Prot is the only AV program out there that doesn't charge what I call the "server tax". Everyone else raises their fees for server based programs ten fold.
  4. Our family associations genealogist, Delores, wants to import her personal data files into TMG. She has an old FTM 8.0 install disc, not installed right now, a backup created under that version, and a FTM 2006 disc which is also not installed. She is also in possession of a gedcom, given to her by another researcher that has 3559 people in it. Since I have never done an import, or even used FTM before, I am wondering if you folks can advise me on the best way to do this for her. My initial thoughts are to just import the FTM 8.0 backup using GenBridge and have it create a new project. I regularly restore the most current backup of the associations database I have here onto her computer. I do not want those people in this database. DNA testing has shown that there is no connection between the Goodrich and Goodrick lines. I was then thinking of importing that gedcom into the same project but into a different dataset. She could then see about resolving any issues with duplicate people. I am sure there will probably be some. Will TMG import a FTM 8.0 backup halfway decently? Or should I have her install FTM 2006, upgrade her files, the generate a 2006 version backup? I believe I just need to play with this to get a better feel, but I thought maybe someone could warn me about any major "gotcha's" before I start down this road. BTW, just for clarafication, I use VNC to remote into her computer and do this stuff for her since she is 1000 miles from me.
  5. I noticed a fairly strange issue with my sources yesterday morning. Version 7.03 In the MSL I have 16 unique sources. (Not many I know. I have hundreds I haven't gotten to yet, this will be the data entry job from hell.) <g> However there are actually 32 source numbers listed in the MSL. Sources 17 - 32 are duplicates of Sources 1 - 16. I tried doing a merge and I can't do that because when I put source 32 in the top merge box, and go to the second box, it changes to source #16. Therefore, I get an error message stating I can't merge a source with itself. I then tried deleting one of the duplicates, and it deleted both sources and all associated citations. (deleting #30 deleted BOTH #30 AND #14) So I restored the backup I had made before doing the deletion. I then started looking at the duplicate sources. If I go to the MSL and select source #30, then click edit, it says it is source #14. Not #30. Source #17 will say it is Source #1, and so on. My question is: Since sources 17 -32 are in reality sources 1 - 16, why are they showing in the MSL in the first place, and how can I get rid of them? BTW, Optimize and Validate has done nothing to resolve this. I'm not even sure this is a problem, other than being annoying. Matt
  6. Weird problem with sources

    Actually I hadn't Teresa, but I did after reading your post. Phil fixed it up for me. I'm a happy camper.
  7. Weird problem with sources

    No one has any ideas at all? Not even WhollyGenes? That can't be good.
  8. TMG7 Cheat Sheets posted

    Thanks DeAnna!
  9. Glad to hear you got it sorted out.
  10. TMG7 layout

    These are not much different than my V6 layouts. I just added the Associate window to all of them. I really like being able to see the roles at a glance. When I don't need other applications open on the second monitor, and I want to "spread out", I use this layout. Lots of space for everything here.
  11. My new favorite layout

    Now that Version 7 has been released, let's see some layouts utlilizing some the new features. I'm expecting to be wowed by Teresa within the next few days. I'll post my layout in the next couple of days. I haven't settled on anything yet. Edit: Guess I really should have started a new thread in the V7 forum.
  12. My new favorite layout

    Teresa, Take a look at this site. I think it would suit your purpose just fine. They will let you have 5GB of space for free. If you need more space, you can get it at a reasonable price. You can make folders/files accessible to the general public, a few select people or just yourself as you see fit. It's a great place to just keep a backup of important stuff as well.
  13. WISHLIST-Research log

    I would love to see this implemented as well. I can see myself using this quite extensively.
  14. relationship error

    Another thing you can do to make this easier is setup a button on the custom toolbar to do this. Then you won't have to dig through the menus every time. Click View>Toolbars>Customize On the right side at the very bottom is the option to "Toggle Relative auto-tag". Highlight and click Add. Look through the rest of the options, you'll probably see some more you use frequently. When you're done adding buttons save it with a name of your choosing. No go back and click View>Toolbars and click "Custom" so it will show on the screen. Very handy feature. You can see an example of extreme use of the custom toolbar here. Apologies to Teresa.
  15. My new favorite layout

    I think I am going to go with this color scheme for a while. I just loaded the Steel Chiffon scheme, left the list color alone and changed the window background to: R = 90 G = 130 B = 173 I may mess with the list color as well, maybe a little more grayish or silverish. Don't know yet. BTW, most of those flags were created today. That's why they are set to ? I have a BUNCH of LOP reports to run tomorrow to set these things.
  16. My new favorite layout

    Teresa, First thing, my name is Matt not David. Thanks for posting that color scheme. I have a few ideas for one, and I will post them tomorrow if they come out OK. BTW, take a closer look at the dual screen shot I posted. You will notice a taskbar on each monitor. I couldn't live without that. How did I do that? A little program called UltraMon. Best little widget to come along since sliced bread. Their site is here. Terry, You need another monitor. Once you've had dual monitors, you'll never go back. I do desktop support for a very large company, and we never have any qualms about buying a user a second monitor and setting it up. It will pay for itself in no time due to increased productivity.
  17. My new favorite layout

    I have changed a few things since my last post so I thought I would post the new layouts. This is the main layout I use most of the time. I usually have other things open on the other monitor that I want to see while TMG is open, so I use this one about 90% of the time. When I am working with Focus groups and such, I usually have no need to access apps on the second monitor easily, so I have this layout setup to take full advantage of my dual monitor setup. The split between the monitors is between the flag/image windows and the details window. I have been playing around with the color schemes and I am not real happy with any of them. The one in these pictures is the Brickyard scheme that comes with TMG. It and the Steel Chiffon are the only two I can tolerate. So I want to see some custom color schemes from you people!! I'm no good with that kind of stuff. Hmmm, maybe I should make a different thread for that.
  18. My new favorite layout

    Here is mine. Pretty simple, nothing like most of you have. Once I have finished the first part of my data entry in this project, I will be adding more flags to keep track of what research has been done or is yet to be done. When I get to that point I will just shrink the details window to the left to match the children/sibling windows and extend the flag window up to the top. Just an FYI, this is the Goodrich Family Association project I am working on. Right now I am in the process of entering data from a book. After that is done I will go into research mode and try to confirm or deny what is in the book, plus add whatever else I or anyone of our trustees or members have or can find. I figure I need to live to be about 400 years old to finish this.
  19. Marriage Event

    You have probably already thought of this, but have you considered using roles for this purpose? For instance I have roles on my marriage tag called first, second etc. with the appropriate sentence for each one. That way I don't have to edit each tags sentence. Also if I want to change anything I can change the master tag and they will all be changed since I don't have any locally edited sentences. Just thought I'd throw that out there for you.
  20. I am curious as to how or even if people here scan documents and attach the image to the source. Allow me to clarify: I have a certified abstract of birth for myself. I have created a source definition using the birth registration (state level). I have created a citation detail linking this source to my birth tag and name tag. I have created a repository citing the appropriate state agency. Is this correct or should I cite where my copy of it is? In these kinds of cases do you scan the doc in question and attach the image to the source using a internal or external exhibit? I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not. I am curious to see how some of you guys/gals handle this. I am very green with regards to this business and I want to do it right from the beginning. Any pointers or suggestions appreciated. Thanks, Matt
  21. Newbie question about sources

    Thanks for the reply Terry. Told ya I was green to this genealogy business. BTW, great website you have there. It's already saved me from posting some more dumb questions.
  22. Off topic, but I just wanted to post and says thanks to Terry for putting together such a great web site. I'm a newbie to TMG and it's been a tremendous help to me. Thanks Terry!