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Exclusion marker showing in PV

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Hi, all.



Since upgrading to TMG 8 I have noticed that in the Person View, place fields are showing even though they have exclusion markers (-). (They properly did not show in v7.) I am using custom place styles. I have "Show excluded data" UNchecked in Preferences --> Tag Box (it was never checked). I have not tested with reports or anything else-- right now I am solely concerned with what is showing on the PV.




I searched here and the TMG-L archives and found nothing posted here and only one message posted on TMG-L about this, and the posted message was from February and had 0 replies, so I'm guessing this is not a common problem. So, thinking it might be related to my custom place style, I checked another dataset which uses the standard/default place styles, and in that dataset, excluded data properly does not show on the PV there.


My custom place style is fairly simple: it only renames the place labels, and the output includes all 10 fields with conditional brackets. It is the default place style for the dataset.


I ran Optimize, Validate File Integrity, and Optimize again, to no avail (no errors).


Win 7 (32 bit), TMG 8.04.


Solution, please?

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Further info:


This problem appears to be only with the L9 label. Exclusion markers in L1-L8 and L10 appear to work. It also appears to be only in one (custom) style, but it's hard to test because L9 is Lat/Long and so putting non-lat/long data in that field in another style results in an error message that the info (a word) isn't in proper lat/long format.

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