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I received the 2007 Conference CD of TMG at the FGS Conference in Fort Wayne. I have been working with this cd with the intent of purchasing the program.

A recent acquaintance of mine tells me she has been using TMG for quite a while. She told me that if I purchase from my cd that if I then purchase the upgrade of 7 that the new will not override the first program, that I will in fact have two separate programs. That is not what I would be looking for but am interested in upgrading to this program. Do you have comments, suggestions?

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Let me see if I understand your question. You have installed the trial version of TMG V6 from the Conference CD. The trial period has not expired yet. You want to know if you purchase V7 will you have two different programs.

First you are no longer able to purchase V6. You can only purchase V7. V7 does in fact install on your computer without disturbing anything in V6. And at that point you will have 2 programs on your computer. HOWEVER the only way to move your data from V6 to V7 is to backup your V6 project and then RESTORE that backup in V7.


Once you are comfortable that your data has been moved successfully to TMG V7 you can delete TMG V6.



Wholly Genes Tech Support

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