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  1. Bug in Desendant Journal

    Under the Format Options in Abreviated events for children the first choice prints correctly while the second and third choice truncate marriage information and the marriage date is missing. The 3 choices in the Format options correctly follow accepted genealogical publishing standards in various genealogical journals. 1. He was born in 1861: born in; married in; died in; buried in 2. born 1861: born; married; died; buried 3. b. 1861: b.; m.; d.; bur. Re-defining these standards to exclude information and dates would not be consistent with these standards. Journal Report - Descendant TAG tab: Abreviated events for Children: Include only: X Birth X Marriage/Divorce X Death X Burial If "All Children" is selected marriage information is truncated in choice 2 & 3 for all children in the list If "Only children that are carried forward" is selected it only effects those carried forward Format options: 1. He was born in 1861: She married Sergt. Jonathan Holcomb, son of Nathaniel Holcomb and Mary Bliss, in 1695. 2. born 1861: (Marriage information truncated and marriage date missing) married Sergt. Jonathan Holcomb; 3. b. 1861: (Marriage information truncated and marriage date missing) m. Sergt. Jonathan Holcomb; Using the same journal report settings in the Ancestor or Reverse direction the Abreviated events for Children options are still available but I have not found any effect in the output. Maybe I just haven't found it yet but if they have no effect in the Ancestor direction they should probably be grayed out.
  2. Problem with Children list in journal reports (descendant only) Journal Report Style – Custom Direction – Descendant (Ancestor direction works correctly) TAGs tab Format: He was born in 1861; Reads spouse w/parents and customizations correctly born 1861; Shows only spouse name b. 1861; Shows only spouse name X He was born in 1861 Stephen Winchell was born on 13 Aug 1677. He married, at age 20, Abigail Phelps, age 31 (widow of David Marshall), daughter of Samuel Phelps and Sarah Griswold, on 10 Mar 1697/98 in Windsor, Hartford Co., Conn. He died on 18 Dec 1725 at age 48 X born 1861 Stephen Winchell, born 13 Aug 1677; married Abigail Phelps; died 18 Dec 1725. X b. 1861 Stephen Winchell, b. 13 Aug 1677; m. Abigail Phelps; d. 18 Dec 1725.
  3. Here's a shot in the dark. Could this be a missing font problem where ,for instance, the number 2 is being interpreted as letter A. Just a thought
  4. Family Group Sheet & Spouse

    I had this same problem a few weeks ago and spent some time checking and re-checking my settings. I don't use FGS too often so I placed it on my 'to do' list of things to look into further when I got a chance. When I saw this thread I wanted to join in so I ran a few FGS sheets to verify the problem. When I first noticed the problem I had tried re-indexes and maintenance procedures to no avail. Since then I have made only minimal data entries and no major changes but today my FGS are showing correct spouse information and placement. I have no idea what the problem was or how it got fixed but I did want you to know that you're not alone and at least one other user has seen this.
  5. Norton Password Manager

    This may or may not be relevant. While working on a new computer Windows installer would start up and I would bypass it to keep working. I finally figured out which program it was looking for so the next time windows installer started I inserted the disc and when it started installation I chose 'cancel'. Installer asked if I was sure and I replied yes. . end of problem. Apparently I had started to install a program but either removed the disc or didn't reboot prior to completion so windows was looking to complete the installation. Maybe Norton is trying to complete an unfinished install of Password Manager. You might want to try inserting your Norton disc and then cancelling installation.
  6. PDA Devices

    You'll find two different opinions on this and each will swear by their OS. The truth is that either one will fill your needs perfectly. If you decide on Palm I think you would be satisfied with the Palm TX over the lifedrive. The TX is thinner than the Lifedrive and does everything you ask without the bulk. Combined with GedStar Pro you can have access to all the information you have on everyone in your database. The TX also has integrated Wi-Fi so you can check your email or use the web. While email is fine, I question the usefullness of browsing the web with the limited screen of a handheld, however it does work. A few weeks ago I was in a hotel and just for kicks clicked to check my email and it hooked right up and downloaded my emails. . . nice! One thing I highly recommend is a portable keyboard. They fold up to a size not much larger than the handheld itself and expand to a full size keyboard. Whichever way you go I think you'll find that your handheld combined with a keyboard will fill your needs and eliminate your need to take your laptop with you on research trips.
  7. Another option you might want to consider is to use the Master Place Index in Second Site. I have a shortcut in my browser to my SS database for quick lookups while surfing or researching. A click on a given place will show you all the names of individuaols associated with that place. This also helped me clean up my MPL as mistakes I had made in place input were apparent in the place index listing.
  8. Kathy, I think you've nailed it. When I KNOW there are no children I add "without issue" or "leaving no children" in the memo of the death tag. If necessary make it optional but I don't see why it shouldn't be eliminated altogether.
  9. This question has popped up so often over the years that I'm surprised it is still with us. There have been many requests to eliminate the "there were no children" sentence and I don't recall anyone making an argument for keeping it yet it is still with us. My own preference would be that the "there were no children of" sentence be completely eliminated.
  10. I was looking your file out of curiosity. Although I didn't find the solution I did notice a couple of things using Word 2000. The problem only appeared on the first page. If I copied text from the first page and pasted it towards the bottom of the page, the text that flowed onto the second page appeared correct. Also, when using 'select all' and copying the text into a new document the copied text appeared correct in the new document. Although I'm a believer that a "workaround" is not the same as a solution, this could be one viable alternative. I have never seen this problem and find it interesting. A Word guru should be able to figure it out. I suspect (but couldn't find) a problem with the paragraph style or within a page or section break on page one. I couldn't find anything different between the settings of page 1, which had problems with the display, and page 2 which displayed correctly.
  11. Help with sources

    "Evidence!" by Elizabeth Shown Mills is what you are looking for. Wholly Genes has it available at http://store.whollygenes.com/Detail.bok?no=103
  12. File Management between computers

    I have used Windows Briefcase without any problems. The key is that you must move the whole "my project" folder into the briefcase on the laptop, not just the files. I had tried moving all the files within the my project folder to the briefcase but ended up with orphan files when syncing. Moving the whole folder has avoided these problems and once it's set up it only takes a couple clicks and your done. I can work on the laptop upstairs, sync the briefcase, and walk downstairs to continue on the desktop. I have had some problems with setting sharing permissions of directories on some computers but that is my problem understanding how they work and I'm too lazy to dig into it. If the directroy above My Project is shared, and your laptop can see the files within your project folder, then you should be set. This assumes that you have a wired or wireless router hooked into both computers.
  13. And you might yet get married. . .Like John, I also put "unmarried" or "without issue" in the memo of the died tag.
  14. Bankert, Norb

    Thanks Karla, I was able to highlight witchcraft, famous relatives, and relatives killed by Indians, thanks to John's inclusion of indexes based on flags. The ongoing development of Second Site has added a whole new dimension to our ability to make our data available and navigable on the web. Norb www.bankert.org
  15. www.bankert.org Built with MS FrontPage Second Site was used to generate the Genealogy Reports section Site Search function provided by AtomZ With an emphasis on Early New England and the Windsor Connecticut area. Also our German and Irish ancestors of Upstate New York.