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  1. Can someone help with this error please.
  2. What is TList7?

    Opened my TMG and got this error about TList7...
  3. What is TList7?

    Now today I am receiving an error, I have not done anything other than try to open my file... My file would not open. I said ok to the error and closed the opening screen, TMG started a "one time validation" on the file... several screen of validation started running... Then I received this message: I selected "Yes" and then my file opened and started the screen with the Layout all messed up. I am backing it up to see what is coming next... What is going on?
  4. Odd Errors

    Michael, I keep all the exhibits "external" to TMG. Thanks for the input
  5. Odd Errors

    First, I have re-indexed and optimized TMG several times. TMG refuses to "keep" preference option to show non-primary tags. I can manually each time I open TMG make the change. Any thoughts?
  6. Odd Errors

    Update... So I was not getting anywhere with the program. Something was interfering with the layout process. The last thing I could think of that I had done was to add several videos to the exhibits so I deleted those, made a backup, made a new project with no people. Then I restored the backup without the videos and added that backup as a new data set. I merged the datasets, deleted the restored dataset and everything seems to be working. NOTE: If you do this all the numbering of the sources will change making it necessary to renumber any ORA auto-template references. People numbering also changed, but that is not such a pain to work with. Fingers crossed it is working.
  7. Odd Errors

    Explicitly saved... then Overwrote... Then tried making a new... no go. All the boxes are hiding except the Custom and Detail... I can make them all appear with the Arrange All, or by using the Ctl+F6 and then Center to Window...
  8. Odd Errors

    I thought maybe to put my data into a new project but that doesn't seem plausible . Restored a back up and got this:
  9. Odd Errors

    Same... did all the unselects, re-arranged, closed, opened. Still not saving layout.
  10. Odd Errors

    What is wrong?
  11. Odd Errors

    Here is a shot of after re-arranging, then saving layout to "Working"
  12. Odd Errors

    Jim, 1. I have checked the "Filter for" a bazillion times... every time I close the program I have to re-check upon opening. I have done all maintenance and optimization several times to no avail. 2. The "Layout" will not open correctly either. I reset the window to my custom layout, save layout (even deleted all layouts and set up from scratch) Every time opening program must do all over again. All wanted areas are in open position. I can "arrange all" so at least I can see them. Something seems corrupted. What to do?
  13. Odd Errors

    Jim, I have looked at the app.ini, the ShowNonPrimaryEvents=Yes Each time I open I have to go through the preferences... The "right click" does not have "filter for.."
  14. Odd Errors

    Can not save preference for showing all non-primary.
  15. Odd Errors

    I deleted all the old layouts and created a new one... Hope it sticks.
  16. Odd Errors

    In the restore the Layouts are completely corrupted. I can show all the buttons active, Details, Flags, Children, Siblings, Assoc., Image. None are visible except my Custom. I can activate the "Window" "Arrange All" and they appear, but not as in the Saved Layout. I rearranged them all and saved in a new layout, closed and restarted TMG, same results.
  17. Odd Errors

    So frustrated... I was going along swimmingly I thought with altering my sentences... So now screwed up the SS with doing it... Decided to restore to a previous...
  18. I was adding an Obituary... all completed, acted all good... the obituary is not there... hmmm tried again... gone... tried a different person... gone.... Re-indexed several times, optimized, all maintenance... it will not hold this entry... Any suggestions? Rebooted system, restarted TMG and now there are no people coming up, I can see them in the search, but no window when selected.... what is happening?
  19. Strange Pop up Error

    Thank you for the info, there hasn't been any changes so I was not sure if something was happening.
  20. Getting this crazy error all of a sudden....What to do?
  21. Missing Exhibits on reports

    I found the problem... image size was too big to embed ... I knew it was something I was missing, thanks Jim!
  22. I am starting to add photos to people and images for events, all external, so I can start using SecondSite. I know I'm missing something though as these photos/images are not appearing in any of my reports at the TMG level. I can see them in the Exhibits log. What am I missing please?
  23. Missing Exhibits on reports

    Just have "large" exhibits selected...
  24. I use a system of an Identifying Number that runs through a family's lineage. ie; Line starts with a man, John, he is #1, his 2 children are, in birth order, Jane, #11, and Ben, #12, Ben's children, again in birth order, Sally, #121, Tom, #122 and so on. So this works great using the numbering system in the Reference Field until someone marry's a cousin or niece/nephew! These people really have two different trailing numbers, but for years I can't figure out how to document it and be able to search... Open to suggestions
  25. Answered my own question... I had the "Filter Primary" turned on... All is fine now