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  1. Hi Jim Thanks for you respons, That fix it. Erik
  2. After updated to TMG 9.04 I get the folloving error at all Raports Program error: Cannot update the cuorser STRINGS since it is Read-only. This error was not in TMG v. 9.03 I used Windows 8.1 What is wrong? Erik.
  3. Exhibits Win 8.1 64 bit

    Thank you Terry! Just what I needed Erik
  4. I have a new PC which run Win 8,1 64 bit since my old PC has crashed and was running Win7 32 bit. When I restore from my backup, Works the program but Pictures of Exhibits is not there. I only see a Bad Man but when I double-clik on the field, I can see the piture. Wath can I do to fix it? Erik