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  1. Being a 5th generation NZ’er I have a good number of Māori names scattered throughout my TMG Family Tree; in names, locations and memos. A feature of the Māori language is the use of macrons over some, but by no means all, vowels. But only when those vowels are to be emphasised in speech. The macrons are easily inserted in Word and TMG tag input by using the English (New Zealand) language and the Maori Keyboard and then hitting the ~ key followed by vowel eg: ā, ē, ī, ō, and ū. It also works with capitals. However, when I print a TMG Report, or a 2ndSite site from the TMG input that includes such macrons I get the following output â, ç, î, ô and û that is circumflexes above a, i, o and u and a c cedilla for an ē. Is there some easy way of getting around this without finding and replacing every instance in the Report output or, more particularly, in the html of the 2ndSite site? Roger Jackson
  2. There appears to be many complications with running TMG using Parallels but are there also problems with running the above TMG products using Boot Camp? Roger
  3. TMG V8 Errors

    I get Ruth's error repeatedly in v8. Whenever I try to (a) add external files or ( restore "ALL" (including external files)" rather than just "PROJECT" from a backup, then the first and last lines of Ruth's error come up pointing to a problem in TMG namely... "tmgmain line 608 {C:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist v8\tmg\programs\tmgmain.prg c:\program files\the master genealogist v8\tmg8.exe}", rather than in Visual FoxPro. I have tried everything under the sun to fix it short of delving into programming fixes which are beyond me. TMG email support have tried valiantly but can't seem to help.
  4. I corresponded with Support a few weeks ago enquiring why my copy of TMG v8.01 kept crashing after throwing up an error dialogue to the effect that “Visual Fox Pro has stopped working”. We came to no satisfactory conclusion or solution at that time but now I have found I can get it going again by validating file integrity then reinstalling the program. It then runs OK until I start to add or subtract exhibits to or from a person's exhibit log via my external folder of exhibit files. Anybody else had this trouble? Any ideas? Roger Jackson
  5. Like everybody else I have been very frustrated with the lack of adequate report writing with Windows 7 64 bit and TMG 7.04. However I have found an adequate work-around for the time being. First output the report to an HTML file. Second open the said HTML file in Word 2010, a sub-menu pops up allowing you to convert the file into .docx format with a more than adequate result. Just a few extra clicks! Roger
  6. Just noticed that VCF will not produce shadowed boxes on its charts even though the appropriate box is ticked. Is this something to do with Windows 7 64 bit?
  7. How do you add or edit links to TMG IDs on VC2 charts and how are they retained if you export the chart to a jpg file for inclusion in a Second Site website? Roger
  8. Vista/TMG problem

    I found the answer! It was in fact the In Place Upgrade that caused the problem. It tied up the security on the ProgramData folder so tight that even TMG could not burrow its way into the Buttons folder to find them! I had to smash the doors down to make them available. Roger
  9. After upgrading Vista Business to Sp1, which involved an InPlace Upgrade to fix corrupt windows files, I cannot now start TMG 7.03 without getting a series of error dialogues starting with "Picture too big, corrupt, or wrong format, No*** MAIN". If I ignore these two or three dozen error dialogue my data eventually pops up but the menu icons are missing. I suspect it is something to do with Visual Fox Pro but fixing it is a bit beyond me. Any ideas? Roger
  10. Report Printing Problem

    Tried all that but without success unfortunately. Roger
  11. Just today, when I try to "Print & Save" a Report, Individual or Journal, to a word processor format, I get the following dialogue- "Conversion Error #3: Could not create or open CONV-LOG.TXT on scratch drive". This only happens on Word, Word Perfect and Works formats. Txt, html and pdf files are OK. The only changes to my computer since I last printed a report are- 1. I downloaded the conversion files for Office 2007. Removed them to see if that was the problem but it wasn't. 2. Changed my data file from Fat32 to NTFS. Tried re-installing TMG 6.12 but that didn't work. Any answers? Roger
  12. Gedcom Export

    Is there some way of excluding Living people when exporting to a gedcom file through TMG?