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  1. Journal Report problem with MS Word 2010

    I have looked at all of the solutions you have suggested but they do not apply to my problem. The problem seems to be that there is a limited on how large a file you can create using Word2010 and my TMG report exceeds that size. When TMG creates my report it finishes (although the converting time is quite long) and I can look at the entire report, but after the first 100 or so exhibits the rest show as little blank boxes. These exhibits are there because we can read the report on a MAC using "pages" and see them and save the report as a PDF file that I can then read on the PC as it is now a smaller file with all exhibits displaying. I can edit my report, but cannot save it again as I get an error message, so there is something wrong with Word2010 and the small size of a Word file.
  2. I reported in my older listing about Journal Reports not printing all the exhibits and that I had found the problem, and it is NOT a TMG problem but a MicroSoft Word problem. If you are creating a large Journal Report and have many exhibits there is a size limitage with MS Word of 512MB. My report was 630 MB and that is the reason the exhibits at the end of my report were showing as small empty squares. A MAC will read the Word report in "Pages" correctly and all the exhibits will display as there is no size limitation. Unfortunatly I have a PC not a MAC. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find out from MS how to create a larger report? I have checked all my exhibits and they are all JPEG, 200 dpi or less and the entire report is much smaller than the one I produced about 4 years ago with more exhibits and the whole report was 810MB it was created in Word and it is a beautiful book over 600 pages. Thank you for any help that you can offer.
  3. Journal Report Save problems

    Have discovered the answer to my problem. Took my Journal Report to my sister's house and she opened it on her MAC and low and behold ALL the exhibits displayed, where I was only getting little empty boxes, the actual exhibits displayed. We created a PDF file from the Word Document and I can see them on my PC. This does not solve my problem though just lets me know that it is not a TMG problem but a MS Word problem because the maximum size of file for a Word document in MS Word 2010 is 512 MB, my file is 630 MB. The last book I produced back in 2008 was 810 MB, but then I was using Word 2000, so Microsoft has lowered the size of Word file you can create. I have not decided how I am going to get around this problem, I have made sure all my exhibits are JPEG and all are saved as 200 DPI or less. Thanks everyone for trying to help, but guess I need to go out to the Word forum now and bug them.
  4. Journal Report Save problems

    Tried the compatibility mode and several other suggested fixes. Finally un-installed v8 and re-installed from a cd. I am still having the same problem, not all of the exhibits will display (they show up as little empty boxes). If creating a full Journal report (using the entire database) there should be about 400 exhibits, but it will only display about the 1st 100 or so and then the rest show as empty boxes. If I break the report down by families and run a smaller version then the same exhibits that would not print on the larger report print on the smaller one. This tells me there is nothing wrong with my exhibits that there is some kind of a glitch that will only allow me to use so many exhibits and then it stops. I have been trying to solve this problem since May, I really would like to get this book published, but cannot do anything until I can use all the exhibits. Oh one other thing, if I create the full report and try and save it, I get the following error "The network path where you are trying to save this document is unavailable" I am saving to Report_output in TMG v8. I do not have this problem if I run the smaller report. Please Help!
  5. I have finally found the answer to this problem today. Discovered from talking to a friend that one of the buttons on my Photoshop Elements programs had accidently been switched, under Format Options instead of using Baseline - Std I was using Progressive. Since they were still JPEG files and looked the same I could not understand why TMG was rejecting them. When I removed the exhibits and recreated them under Baseline and re-attached them they worked as they should. Thanks to everyone that tried to help. Still have a problem though trying to create a Journal Report with lots of exhibits, the first hundred or so exhibits will display properly and then the rest all just appear as empty boxes. It does not always stop on the same family or group of pictures, if I start the report later it will again print the first 100 or so stopping on a different group of pictures and then go to the empty boxes again. I have tried the convert and get the message "There is not enough memory or disk space to display or print the picture" also cannot save the file. I have a new computer with lots of memory and disk space. I have done maintenance and did not have this problem with V7 using about 400 exhibits. Anyone out there have a solution?????
  6. I went through and moved several of my exhibits out of the exhibit file. Then I removed them from TMG. I then ran a backup and checked that the pictures were not included. Then I checked the properties on all the exhibits to make sure they were the same there are 11 newer exhibits and 9 older exhibits. I added them back to the exhibit file, then added them back into TMG by person number. Then did another backup checked that all 20 exhibits were in the file correctly and added to each person correctly. Then ran a report. The original 9 exhibits display properly the 11 new exhibits do not display. What am I doing wrong?
  7. All exhibits are external and located in the Exhibit file under TMVv8, they are all JPEG files. I have a rather large data base and several hundred exhibits. I recently received 11 new pictures. I sized them, put text to them under Photoshop Elements like I always do, then I moved the pictures into the exhibit file. I attached the exhibits to the correct persons, did a backup. Then I created a Journal report on just the family that contained the new pictures (there were already about 30 or so pictures, then I ran the report. The original pictures displayed the new ones did not. After doing some checking I removed all the pictures, disconnected them, redid everything re-connected and tried again with the same results. Then because I am having trouble when I run a full report with all my exhibits not displaying, I tried removing & dis-connecting and putting in just one of the new pictures and one older picture that I had decided not to use, I got the same result neither picture displayed. After removing all pictures again I noticed that if I take all the pictures out, run the small report, when it goes through the CONVERT it goes through and finishes, if I add any other additonal pictures and run the report, during the CONVERT it says "Not Responding". I cannot find anything about an error on not responding. I have done a properties on all the pictures and they look identical
  8. I just added 11 exhibits to my file, I fixed and sized (they are all wallet size) them then added to my exhibit file, most were a main exhibit. Ran a small (11 people, about 20 exhibits) journal listing and the 11 new exhibits do not display only the original ones. I have the checked the properties on each one and they are the same as the exhibits that do display. They are all external exhibits and I don't remember ever having a problem before adding additional exhibits. Also if I run the report and do not delete the report before running again, I get the message that the file is alread there do I want to override, answer is yes, then error message pops up "the output file c:\users\ so on.......doc is in use by another application or cannot be deleted." this is a new error, I tried closing everything down and restarting and still get the message. I am using Windows 7 and 64bit.
  9. TMG8 DOC reports crash in Open Office

    I am running MS Word 2010 and also having a problem with reports crashing. No matter what type of report I try I get a TMG Error Message: Conversion Error # 5 could not open system configuration file. The next message says that the raw IC file has been saved in the log folder and to send it to Technical support, I am working with someone at technical support but so far no luck. Are you getting the same type of error?
  10. Journal Report Save problems

    Ok, I am waiting to hear back from Technical Support. I have tried to create various reports including Ahnentafel, Journal and Individual Narrative. Outputting to PDF, Word, and screen preview, every instance I get a TMG error message that states: Conversion Error #5 Could not open a system Configuration file. The ISC file has been saved to .......v8logserror.ICS. Has anyone else had this problem, it apparently is not from Microsoft Word since it happens with screen preview also.
  11. Journal Report Save problems

    I have sent the two error logs to Technical Support. Will continue to try and find answers, appreciate your help.
  12. Journal Report Save problems

    I still have not found how to use Mode/convert. This small file I am using to create the test report only has 90 people and is 100 pages long. Last year with v7 I created my report for my book and it contained almost 6,000 people and was about 1100 pages long and had over 500 exhibits so know that this little report should work, it is just frustrating me.
  13. Journal Report Save problems

    I have not tried to use the mode convert will see if I can use that. I did just try and clear out my report_output file and backup and remove some picture files to make sure I had plenty of room. Then I ran the Journal Report again and got the following message: Could Not open a system configuration file, the Raw ISC file has been saved. Please send to technical support. This is a TMG message. should I look into the mode convert before I send the log message to tech support?
  14. Journal Report Save problems

    I am saving with the .doc extension,and saving to TMG report_output folder. I have also noticed that it is saving in Word 97 to 2003 not 2010. I have tried saving to other folders and have tried moving it from one folder to another but still cannot save. Am working on trying some other options right now. Have not had any other problems with working with Word documents from other programs.
  15. Just upgraded to V8, I am running Windows7 64 bit and MS Office 2010, which is why I had to upgrade from v7. I am having trouble creating a Journal Report. If I create a report for just one small family (20 persons) I can produce the report with exhibits, edit the report and save it. If I try and create a report with a little larger group (90) persons, I can produce the report but only about the first 2/3 of the exhibits display, the rest are just empty boxes and even though I can edit the report I cannot save the changes. I get the following messages: The network or path where you are trying to dave this document is unavailable. What do you want to do? Retry Save As or Cancel Have tried all three options, with Cancel I get the option to Not Save Changes and that is the only option I can use. Have double checked the path, even gotten out of TMG and gone into the report through Word and still all the exhibits are not displaying and I cannot save the file. Oh, have also checked Properties to make sure it is not checked read-only. Know I must be doing something wrong, hope someone can help me.